Q about handle protection

  1. So, i've had my mono speedy 30 for 6 months now. THe patina is developing, and i've stupidly carried it in the rain (well, i did't know it was going to rain when i went out, but anyways) i want to protect it now.

    I've seen some girls speedys where the leather has turned almost black. It looks DISGUSTING and i do not want that to happen to my bag.

    What do i do? WHen i first bought it, i asked the LV ppl if i should protect it and they said no, b/c it would turn it dark immediately. I didn't want that.

    PLease give me pointers and tell me what will happen if i do what. Thanks.

    (also, i've got an epi jasmin old red, do i protect that at all?)
  2. hm it will be hard to stop the pantina process,but you can use shinning monkey (sp?)..many of the girls here use it to prevent the handles to change color. I have no clue about the epi Jasmine..they are a bit water proof,if water goes on it just rolls off. Unlike the pantina might get stained.
  3. Satine, you can also use Applegard. But it will still get dirty. I know someone whose clothes were rubbing on the vachetta and dirtying it. There's really nothing you can do about it except be careful!
  4. lucrezia...that is a gorgeous patina.
  5. Thanks!
    I love patina, my BH is still very 'virgin' looking, I have contemplated trying to help the process along, but don't want to mess with the natural process.

    P.S. Sophia, I love the creative pics you take with your bags. My husband glanced over and saw the one of you with your bag on your shoulder, and said "is that a ghettoblaster?!"
  6. Great looking bag for 5 yo!!!!:nuts:
  7. lol thanks! hahahha your husband is too sweet :love:
  8. Ugh hate black handles. I spray it to protect it from rain with Wilson's leather spray. It dries quicker than Applegarde, but I do prefer the Apple leather conditioner. I condition in between so that it doesnt let any dirt sit long enough for it to turn black. I've done this for YEARS now and I always get a nice rich patina with no excessive darkening of the handle. I heard people tie scarves to keep from darkening the handle. I dont like to baby the bag too much. Takes the fun out!
  9. hi, i've got a similar qn! my trouville is now v new. but the LV SA told me not to spray anything on the handles? *confused* so is it alright to spray something to protect it fr rain etc?
  10. I've always used Apple Garde Conditioner & then followed up with the AG Rain & Stain repellent on all my new LV bags (handles) I've never had any problems with it. Just go LIGHT when spraying the rain repellent. If you spray to heavy in one spot for too long, it could darken them slightly.
  11. All LV vachetta handles will turn if the leather is not treated. There are many products like Wilson Leather Guard; Apple Guarde; *************; Magic eraser.
  12. I like Applegarde spray, its always worked great, but I prefer Wilson's spray because it dries faster and I can always pick up a can at the Wilson's leather store.
  13. I can understand satine112 sentiments. I personally don't like the handles to turn dark. I noe some girls here love having the patina but I prefer if it looks brand new like you've just bought it from the LV store.

    But, you can't stop the process so the only way is to alternate between different bags daily and use AppleGarde.
  14. Things such as body lotions and sweat can help build up dirt which in turn cause the leather handles to turn black. If you can't take it anymore, just send the bag to LV and ask for the handles to be replaced, not sure how much it costs, perhaps around 100-ish?

    I used Wilson's and loved it, of course when spraying these leather protectors you should apply care. Spray lightly and wait for a while before doing another round. I heard stories where ppl spray excessively and freaked out when blotches appeared on the leather, this is especially true with AG.

    I tried Appleguarde (AG) as well, but didn't like it coz the nozzle is weird. Prefer Wilson's.

    I've heard good things about SM (shining monk-ey), but haven't actually try it myself.