Q about Date code??

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  1. I notice some cherry blossom pochettes have different date code than others. Some on ebay have AR0013, some have AR0033...even AR0023. I am so confused!!!:confused1: :confused1: Why is that? Is it because some are fake...but they look authentic to me. I just got a CB pochette with the date code AR0013. Now, I am worry. :confused1:
  2. The date code means what date that item was manufactured, that's why it changes. HTH!
  3. oh, I see..thanks then! :lol:
  4. It's normal for all CB bags to have a 3 in the end.

    Deciphering a date code:
    AR= where it was made
    First and third number, 0 and 1= month it was made, January
    Second and fourth number, 0 and 3= year it was made, 2003
  5. Hey, Thank you so much!!! :yahoo: Now, the code makes way more sense. :roflmfao:
  6. opps, sorry, sould have been more descriptive!! Thanks John!