Q about Bbags at Holts

  1. Does anyone know what the name of French Blue is at Holts? Is it Indigo? Or is Indigo at Holts another colour and if so what colour? Thanks
  2. The sales people never really know the names of the colours of Bbags (I find). The french blue colour should have a V and I think it's a SS 07 (W was for F/W). I've seen that colour at the Bloor location a month or so ago in the city. Indigo was F/W 05.
  3. ^Thanks. I was looking at a blue bbag with GH so I know it's not a F/W bag but I was confused about the colour. Holts calls it Indigo (from the computer not just the SA) and I assumed it was French Blue but it looks much lighter than pics I've seen of this colour.
  4. Holts is sooooooo clueless about Bbags it's beyond frustrating... I suggest taking a few deep breaths and maybe drinking some chamomile tea before calling them to make sure your patience level is to it's maximum capacity!