1. I am thinking of doing a few little python clutches in fun colors for the winter holiday seasons. I would love to have your input. Do you like python? What kind of things would you like to see for a special winter holiday collection? I just got offered the opportunity to pick up some brightly colored pythons, and I thought I should ask you all what you think about that? :yes: Honesty is absolutly welcome, this girl has thick skin !
  2. I like the look of the python but probably wouldnt purchase any. I prefer the look of suede for the winter.
  3. I love python! I would go for a white one in winter.
  4. I actually do have some pealized white! I was thinking it would look nice with a silver frame, perhaps. Or, do you think no hardware?
  5. I think silver or gold frame would do very well. I saw a beautiful white python clutch the other day with gold frame and I LOVED it. But it was really pricey and I didn't buy it. If you do make any, I would like to get one! Let me know!
  6. Ok, great, I'm on the case!:yes:
  7. I :love: python. I would like to see it in Teal, hot pink, emerald green, red... .. a real vibrant color. I would definitely buy something like that.
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  9. Oooooooo, a python clutch would be gorgeous! Pearlised white with silver hardware would be dreamy! I'd love to see something like this.
  10. this is going to be so much fun! Ok. then it is settled! I'm buying the skins!
  11. ^^^^ oooh how fun.. if you can (pretty please) post pictures of the finalized product... that would be soooo cool. I can't wait to see what you create!!!
  12. I would really like to own a python bag. Please let me know what you have. What colors do you have available? thanks.
  13. Ok, so, here is one of my little mock croc bags:rolleyes: but, I was thinking something like this could be cute in python scaled down to clutch size with either a removable strap or a chain. What do you think? Thanks for your input, you all are so great!
  14. keep in mind, if you blow that up, it is just a first run test prototype, so the quality is not totally "there" yet.
  15. Wow, just wow!