1. Is it going to date? Thoughts?
  2. I don't think that exotic skins will ever look dated. Considering the price and quality of shoes made with exotic skins, especially python, it should be a worthwile investment. I own many pairs of python shoes, some from as long as 5 years ago and they are still in great condition and look current.
  3. You know what? I got a pair of Verace python pumps, and i had to sell them on eBay because whenever I tried to wear slacks or jeans with them, the scales would rub on the fabric and make the weirdest noise.
  4. I do have some boots that make that weird noise, but I love python footware and I've been wearing python shoes for years. The style may look dated at some point, but I don't think python will ever look dated
  5. I think it will always be a classic look like leopord and other animal prints. It will go through cycles where it is more or less trendy but you'll always be able to wear it.
  6. I think that since exotics have been around forever (literally) they'll never go out of style. Unless they're dyed in a bright color or something, then that's probably going to go out of style.
  7. Hmm, wierd. :huh:

    I had a pair of gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana python slingback peep-toes that I loved, but ended up returning them because the heels were only 3 1/2" (and I need me some 4" or higher (platforms) to help lengthen me out. :s too bad, they sure were pretty.)
  8. OMG... when I was in Thailand, I was looking at some python loafers, but opted out. Now I wish I had them to wear with my jeans. Better yet, let me find the email address of the guy who made my last pair...
  9. Agreed!:tup:
  10. Classic. There is even an article in today's Wall Street Journal about Anaconda vs. Python.

    Here's my Chanel Python Heels: