1. Do many of you own/like anything python?


    I normally don't like this sort of thing, but when I saw the pictures for the Andrea Brueckner Saddle in white, grey, and brown python--aside from the price, for some reason I feel like it should be one of the big bags for me to seriously consider saving up for in the near future. But I'm also pretty sure my target list will keep changing till then.

    Then again leather purses are everywhere, but even so, I'm sure PETA would jump all over me in an instant with something like that.
    I can't help but feel like Phoebe in FRIENDS when she tried on the mink coat that was left to her as an inheritance. Minus my actual experience with the bag, since this is made to order.

    This ends up ranging around the same as one of the many other beautiful purses I love from Chanel, LV, Gucci, Prada, etc. being pretty much around the same range for something extra special and not so common--I've been saving up a lot with one of two goals in mind when I finish in two years: as a long-awaited splurge for myself, or a deposit into my IRA (I'm sure this is the more rational decision).

    Ah, for the love of purses. What do you think?
  2. I own a Mulberry Roxanne in python :yes:
  3. i just got my first python bag and unfortunately i think it's going to be my new addiction...i love it! :shame:
  4. I LOVE python, but have not been fortunate enought to purchase a bag as of yet.
  5. I love python too! I have a small clutch (have no idea who made it). It was my mother's. Probably from the 1970's. But it's great. PETA already hates me (I wear Fur) so I'm not worried about the bag!:graucho:
  6. I have a chloe silverado python in blue and love it too death!!!!!!!
  7. I have a yellow and gold python bag from Italy which I love. It's very soft
  8. Check out Michael Kors line, he has a beautiful python hobo.
  9. Yes i like!
  10. me likey.. i have two pythons and am planning to get one more.
  11. Love.., pythons and ostrich and mink and fox and racoon and aligators any any pelts!!! Peta hates me too!
  12. The fur and animal skin business is appalling and you should all be ASHAMED of yourselves!:cursing::cursing:
  13. So is the food industry, the clothing industry - i take it you grow your own cotton, food supply bike everywhere own no jewelry because in today's world that is pretty much the only way to insure no one , no one thing is exploited for you consumption. i try my best to be eco concious and don't wear fur unless it is vintage but I eat, shop at walmart sometimes so I can't judge.
  14. I bought a tiny fake python clutch to take with me on a cruise next week. I don't even know the name of it, but it is darned cute.
  15. Ahhh, the Mulberry, Chloe, and Kors' are all just so pretty too! :falls over: I'm envious :} Congrats loving the ones you own!