Python Stam at MJ San Francisco!

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  1. So I walked into MJ last night. The manager (ugh) comes stomping towards me and thrusts this gorgeous blue patchwork python stam in my hands and declares it mine. I was shocked! First of all, it's illegal to sell python in California! Second of all, when I asked him how he came about the bag, he said something along the lines of having it shipped from NYC. The point of this thread is, if anyone wants a blue python stam, it's to be had at MJ SF!

    I also did some more shopping and came away with a bag from Bloomingdales, but I'll save that for when I can take pics and put the sale info on the sale thread!
  2. thats the first thing I thought of when I saw Python and SF in the same thread!! i was like... huh but I thought python is illegal in CA but you got that covered!

    What time were you at Bloomies?? they had a pretty nice selection of bags on sale!
  3. Oh no, this is going to sound HORRIBLE, but I was @ bloomie's 4 days in a row! I opened a bloomie's card on Thursday, so of course I went back on Friday. THEN, my FSIL opened a card on Saturday, so of course we went back on Sunday. I now know most of the SAs by name. Sad. I also bought some Chanel sunnies, a MJ signature quilted bowler and a zip clutch!
  4. wow! that is a lot of bloomies in a week!! :shocked: although i 've ahd a few experience like that at nordstrom (buy/change mind/return/buy)
  5. LOL, what I didn't say was - I was also @ nordies AND saks and NM on the lookout for MJ and balenciaga bags! This is so embarassing. I can't believe I just admitted all this, haha!
  6. ^^ Mmm... that reminds me of when I found out about a great sale at the mall, and lied to some of my classmates that I was meeting up with to do a project that I had an "emergency" and would be half an hour late.
    Ok, well it WAS an emergency... a SHOPPING emergency! :nuts:

    Back OT: That's weird that the manager got the bag shipped here from NYC because it's also illegal to ship python to CA (even within states). I think the only way to get python into this state is to drive it over state lines yourself (i.e., for your own personal use). But heck, who knows what that store is up to, given the issues that other members have had with them?
  7. ^^ Haha, I love that! I think shopping emergencies are legit! I took off work once for a private sale!

    I also find that store more than shady now! It gives me the creeps to walk in there. One, because I feel like they know I'm talkin' about them on here. Two, because of their ethical issues. Scary!
  8. what issues??
  9. did you MENTION to the manager that selling python in cali is illegal?

    what a nutcase.
  10. ^^ LOL, yeah! I did, that was when he muttered the something about getting it in from NYC. I had NO idea what he said and wasn't about to learn of his tactics.
  11. The store can actually be fined if the authorities discover that they even have a python item in the store available for sale...
  12. ^^I know, that's why I'm so shocked they display it so blatantly. I wonder if it's even there anymore.

  13. I was at the store over the weekend...saturday to be exact and it was still displayed in the glass case next to the jewelry case. The mere placement in the display case brings attention to it!!!