Python spy ebay-does anyone have.....

  1. Hi,

    A few weeks ago someone listed on eBay an auction for a Python spy, it had a green shine to it, does any of you ladies remember it and would you have the auction number. Wanted to have another look at this spy. Think the lady selling it had got it in Vegas and it was selling for about $6000.
    Thanks everyone:smile:
  2. there is this one purchased in Paris, her shipping costs are totally obnoxious, though:
  3. Thanks Lit, thats not the one, it was a long shoot that anyone would remember the auction and have the auction number. The woman listed it on and it was a plain python spy, but it had a sort of green "hue" to it, it was going for $6000 or best offer.

    Oh well perhaps she will relist it, I just wanted to see it again.
  4. Regarding burmese python - it is a big hassle to import it into the US. I am dealing with this now on a Choo bag and have spent hours on the phone to US customs and the department of fish and wildlife. To ship it, you have to have paperwork on the US end...a declaration form that you have to send to the seller in the other country. The seller has to have a CITES permit from their country, which costs money and takes time. Both sets of paperwork accompany the shipment, which legally is identified as "wildlife." Then you must find out which port it will enter in the US (from the shipping company, ie FedEx) so you can call them to alert them about the shipment. Next, the shipment spends weeks in customs, being examined by the dept of Fish and Wildlife. Then if finally comes to you.

    Alternatively, if the seller just sends it without proper paperwork or identification, it will end up in customs and will be a total nightmare.

    So much easier to buy one that is already in the country where you live. Or, you can fly to pick it up and carry it home as your that case it is considered "personal effects."