Python Simples

  1. I am desperately trying to track down a pair of the python roccia Simple pump, but my SA at Saks needs the SKU number. Does anyone happen to have it??? Thanks so much!
  2. Is this it? [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]0452528373621[/FONT]
  3. ^ I think that SKU matches the New Simples that are still on pre-order, unless it's the same SKU for both. I'm looking for these (pics from eBay):

  4. The SKU for the python roccia simple pumps is as follows: 452566826233.
  5. THANK YOU!!! :smile:
  6. :lol: Asha, you never cease to amaze me
  7. ^ I had the exact same thought when I read Asha's post. Asha--you're amazing!!!!
  8. Did you find them? I hope so!

    lol @ Killer and legal. I have them from Saks so I just looked up the SKU off the box, not like I have them committed to memory or something crazy like that. hahahaha
  9. ^ I have not been able to locate them. My SA at saks has put them on locator but no luck yet. I called around a bit and everyone I spoke to told me it was an old style that surely no one would have anymore. :sad:

    Has anyone seen them in-store as of late? There is a pair on eBay but sadly it is a 37.5 and I need a 38!
  10. i know saks nyc has them but may have limited sizes... also call the madison ave cl store. they had them recently.
  11. That stinks, but the 37.5 might fit you. Do you always wear a 38 in simples? I usually buy 40s in simples for whatever reason and I really need to just buy the 39/39.5 b/c they stretch and I end up having to put inserts in. I wore my black leather simples yesterday and there was a huge gap in the back until I put the inserts in. And, I have only worn them twice now!

    Mine were on locator for a few days too before the order was filled. Give it a couple more days and if not, you can get them at CL Madison, but they are going to be $895 vs. $795.

    Mine were filled from Greenwich, CT I think, but the order was placed through NYC. CL Madison has them, but they are $100 more. :tdown: I got my black python simples from Horatio, but I made sure to get my python roccia simples from Saks so I could save $100 and get double points too. lol
  12. What is the price for the 37.5? Could you provide a link?

  13. So would you advice to get the python simples half size down from our usual simple size?
    Sorry to sneak in but I can't stop thinking about the black ones as well as the roccias too....ahhhh:sweatdrop: where is my moneytree :p ?
  14. oh that's so right about the price difference. i totally forgot. and yes, i agree with ashakes. for some reason i think i'm a 40.5 in regular simples but the 40 in python fit me better. and i was told they would stretch. hth!
  15. Uh oh- I'm having an SA at Saks look for the roccia simples for me but in my normal Simple size of 38.5. Would those be too big? Should I get the 38 instead? When I first get my Simples they are very tight but after a few wears they stretch out and fit me perfectly.