Python simple pumps 85, only winter and will it stretch?

  1. hi gals again
    i tried a white/grey python simple pumps 85 today.. really gorgeous.. but only 38 and 39 left and i need 38.5 for simple pumps. now i'm wondering
    - will python stretch? i use insoles for 39 and it fits, just thinking whether it'll stretch a lot like suede
    - will python just for winter? can it be worn all year round?
  2. I think demicouture said python does stretch and mold to the foot. I have only worn my python simple pumps once and did not notice a significant stretch. As far as wearing python all year round, I do not see why not.
  3. Python does stretch, but if you really need a 38.5 then try looking for it elsewhere, I know that shoe is available at Saks. I wear python year round, I think that shoe is classic and can be worn with anything, at any time of year.
  4. I wear python year round as well and I would get the size you actually need because mine did form to my foot a little.
  5. i got a pair in yellow patent and i told my SA i needed to go half size up but she insisted that they will stretch quite a bit and stick to my true size. i got them in my true size since they were the last pair and am waiting for a friend to bring them back for me, hopefully they will not be too tight on me otherwise i'd really cry b/c i've been waiting for them forever!!
  6. ladydeluxe, you can pass them on to me if they do not work out for you. :p I don't see why the 37 won't.
  7. ^ LOL lavender! you're not the only one! i can't believe how popular the yellow patent is? it wasn't really my HG but my SA insisted i had to have them and she thought they would look fabuleux on me so i took them. i want the red patent ones!! if you have them, we could do a swap ;) hehe
  8. I'd do the swap, but I didn't get the red patents. :sad: Good luck with the yellow though!
  9. Where did you see them? Are they online? Would love to see a picture.
    What color? I have wondered about wearing all year too and I would not think it would be a problem, unless it is a heavy color.
  10. You can definitely wear the python simples all year. I have the python simple pumps 100 and wear them all the time. The python on mine felt snug at first, but they stretched enough to fit like a glove.
  11. cjy, i saw it in Hong Kong. attached is a similar pair that i can find on internet, just the "scale" is larger..

    i'd love to get one b4 x'mas...
  12. Oh my!! Love them! You know, reptile shoes have always been in. I have been contemplating a pair of water snake slides by Jimmy Choo and they are for spring/summer.
    Thanks for the picture!!:tup:
  13. i wear my python simple pump alot lately and i think i will do that in the summer too. they do stretch and mold to your feet well. i would probably go for a 38. good luck and i hope you do get them..they are such treasure.
  14. i love the python simple pump! i think they can be worn year round.

    does anyone know if these are still available in the US??
  15. ^ they have them in Saks in Tyson's Galleria. call omar; he is the best!