Python Silverados 30% off

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    Ask for AMY! They had 2 Python Silverados, Yellow Paddy, Taupe & Mousse Small Pocket Paddy's and some Gladys Totes all for 30% off. No tax if out of PA and $10 shipping :flowers:
  2. Why did I come here..
  3. ^^^ :lol:

    They also have a handful of Balenciaga Bags @ 30% off.
  4. Balenciaga?? No way! Those rarely go on sale, right? Why are all these bags going on sale...should we be looking for the next hottest thing?
  5. Hi, I think they are you happen to remember what the original price of the pocket paddies were? thanks!
  6. I am pretty sure around $1620. They do close at 6 pm, so call early in the morning :yes:
  7. Ok... I about fainted at that! Why, oh why, is it illegal for python goods in CA????

    Thanks so much, chicbags! I may have to get other people to get in on my handbag schemes!
  8. I PM'd this, but I think it is illegal to SELL them here, as my SA here told me she could have one shipped to me from another store outside of CA?
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