python silverado on BG site NOW!!

  1. Lovely!! You could have it shipped to a friend in another state :graucho:
  2. Any volunteers? Bueller? Bueller? :p
  3. Hee hee, I'm in CA too- sorry!!

    But I have "friends and family" in CA and IL that I keep on tap for just such an emergency!
  4. oops. I bit. :wtf:
  5. Don't you hate it when you 'accidently' buy something like that?? :p

  6. It looks like I am having alot of accidents lately.:wtf:
    This morning I woke with plans to buy the lace-up silverado shoes!! I was so disappointed when the shoes were gone so...look what I do. Bad girl.

    Like to think, I am just "spreadin the love":yes: and breakin the bank.:nuts:

    I am thrilled! My first silverado!!
  7. Aack! I am sooo jealous! mlredo, post pics when you get yours. Sooo pretty. :heart::heart::heart:
  8. Ooooh, great bag and great price!!
  9. Thanks everyone! It was such an impulse buy, thanks to luvmygirls0!!! You are trouble!!!
    I am really looking forward to putting that lil silverado on my arm and takin it for a spin! I really love the snakeskins and the fact it is a lighter metalic makes it double good for me!
    You guys are the best. I have found several great bags in the last month with the help of the forums lil elves.
    I was an LV and Gucci gal for years, or rather decades :weird:. While I still adore my older collections, I just ADORE my Chloes!!!! I haven't carried anything else since I bought my first last month.
    I hope to post pics within the week!
    Thanks for being such an informative, friendly, supportive and BANK busting group of gals!:party: