Python Silverado: Green vs. Gold??

  1. Which do you prefer?? I think they're both so stunning that I can't decide!! :shrugs:

    I'm debating on whether or not to get one of would be my by very first Chloe bag :wlae: Should I?!
    Green.jpg Gold.jpg
  2. Green would be my vote.

    The silverado python in my opinion, has alot going on already, without it being in a metallic colour :yes:
  3. hmm...I think gold, if you are prepared to be very flashy and very fabulous
  4. I like gold~ I've seen the gold python IRL, is absolutely stunning!!!!
  5. Oh, I just saw this ivory color which would be a great neutral...ahhh, now I really can't decide! :confused1:

    Thank you for your thoughts, ladies!!!
  6. get the ivory color!! its TDF.
  7. My vote goes to the gold!!
  8. IMO, get the green one
  9. I say the gold - but only if you are a diva!!!
  10. :rolleyes: LOL, I'm checking back this little mini-poll and it seems like everyone is split! Now that I've seen the ivory, I am leaning towards that one. Thanks for taking the time to give me your esteemed opinions! :yes:
  11. IVORY, for sure!!!
  12. Ivory or gold is my vote.
    Would not get the green.
  13. The ivory is beautiful! I also like the green.
  14. Ivory for shure just more classy!

    Green is nice too but might be a lot less versatile.
  15. Ditto! I think the metallic color of the cream makes the bag look a bit too flashy.