Python Silverado conditioner

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  1. I have just search through this forum to get some information on conditioning Python Silverado's. I have just purchased one and I understand one of the problems is lifting of scales. Is there a conditioner you can use on the scales to prevent this problem? Many thanks in advance for any help.
  2. :goodpost:I'd love to know the answer to this also!
  3. My scales are beginning to lift....but somehow I like the way it looks on the bag...
    Is it bad to have them lift? They are no where near to falling off, it just gives the bag more texture..
  4. I am not an expert in this but I understand their is a problem with the scales lifting so I am just trying to avoid that happening in the first place.
    I am sure someone will come along with the answer.
  5. Hi vintage

    I've commented in the finds page for you - but also hoped I'd catch you here. You got a great deal on the silverado, but if possible - ask the seller not to put snakeskin or python in the parcel description.

    We aren't supposed to bring snake products into the country. I doubt you'd have it opened - and you should be fine... But would hate for the parcel description to attract unwanted attention.

    As for scales, I'm sorry due to the above issue - I only have normal leather silverados.
  6. Thanks daisyrockyrosie I will try and catch it before it leaves now. It was an amazing deal.:yahoo:
  7. I would contact Barbara at She does handbag restoration, so perhaps she has come across this issue and could offer you some advice.
  8. Congratulations on your Silverado! I think that scales lifting a bit is just part of using this bag. It's very slight on the one I own. I've been afraid to put anything on the python skin on mine, but I do use regular conditioner on the leather parts.
  9. It is totally normal for the scales to lift a bit with Python Silverados (or any python really). I think it actually gives the bag charm and character- but in any event, from what I understand, there isn't much you can do to prevent the scales from lifting eventually.
  10. there is nothing you can do from preventing scales from lifting, but to slow the process, condition the bag with DYO reptile conditioner. I use it on my python bags with no problems. (Just be warned it smells like paint thinner).
  11. THANK YOU, THANK YOU all for your advice, it's much appreciated.:wlae:
  12. bagatella this is a great suggestion.:tup:
  13. Is you bag on it's way? Post pics when it arrives!!!
  14. She has arrived today and she is really beautiful, she is just the right size and weight for me, I will post pic's as soon as I can. I WANT ANOTHER ONE NOW.
  15. Everything I've read says to NOT put any type of conditioner on the scales as that could ruin them. And also don't get them wet. The only part of the silverado you should treat is the leather areas - other than that, there isn't much you can do about the scale turnup. It's bound to happen if you carry it on your shoulder as the rubbing against your body can cause it...