Python silver metallic Silverado - still worth getting?

  1. Hi there! I have (and adore!) a tan Paddington ... am really loving the look of the silvery metallic python Silverado, though I can't say the high price tag is wonderful. I would want to wear the Silverado pretty much as an everyday bag for the fall (though I have others to switch around with). Can it take daily wear if carried instead of worn over the shoulder (which I am concerned will cause the scales to become damaged or lost)? I take the subway - no car - so it won't exactly be babied but I would be careful with it. Well, as careful as you can be with mass transit and a school run with an 11 year old!

    Is it worth getting two so similar bags? I am also looking at a (very different) Prada velvet and leather frame bag but the huge Prada logo on the front is a bit of turnoff...

    Suggestions welcome!

  2. I love the python silverado and I don't think that it looks similar to a paddie at all. They are two completely different looks. I'd get the silverado if you can find it ... the python silverado is a beautiful bag IRL.
  3. Thanks! They have a few Silverados at Holt Renfrew, and one in the metallic python. It would be the most I've ever spent on a bag so I want to consider the purchase carefully.
  4. To me they have very different looks. I would buy the python silverado. It's a beautiful bag! :love:
  5. It's funny, because I never really noticed it before this week. Was looking for a new fall bag and of course picked the most expensive Chloe bag they had. My luck. Not as wild about the other Silverados they have in stock, though the leather is really quite luscious.
  6. Python silverados are gorgeous...that and the red buffalo leather silverado. As everyone else mentioned, it is a completely different look than the paddington.

    I think the only thing you should consider is the scales on the python. I do believe it is a high maintanence bag. Part of the reason is because you are dealing with real authentic snake scales! This is why it is so $$$$. D&G has a sensational cognac python silverado (my dream silverado). She can provide insight on the maintanence of the bag.
  7. My friend works in the designer handbag section at the store and her caution was that the scales would be damaged if not gently handled - and that I couldn't wear it as a shoulder bag or risk ruining it...
  8. I love my Python Silverados -- I have the traditional satchel and the hobo. I too was skeptical at first but have found them to be much tougher than I first thought. It is so different from my paddy which is anthracite (and also don't baby this one and have had no problems with the metallic). I carry my Silverados regulary and find that either hand held or shouldered these bags are amazing. Good Luck on your decision. I of course say YES go for it!
  9. Thanks - I'm inclined to get it. I had put aside a fabulous Marni bag with distressed leather body and an amazing lucite and chain strap - but I thought the chain was too delicate and it was too small. And a Prada velvet and leather frame bag ... but it's very pricey for a bag that's mostly velvet. And I couldn't get the python Silverado out of my head ... a sign if ever there was one!
  10. Hi! I have two python Silverados. To tell you the truth, I don't use it as much nowadays. The last time I used it was a couple of months ago. I'd go for the new snakeskin Betty bag if you wanted something exotic. I've been eying this purple snakeskin Betty bag that's sold out. I put it on order though. My best friend has the snakeskin in beige. If you want to see my python Silverado's, here are the pics:



    If you're interested, they still sell one of my python Silverado bags. Here's the link from Neiman Marcus: Neiman Marcus* -*Medium Python Satchel, Silver

    Again, it's your choice and most importantly, if you love it, go for it! Have fun girl!
  11. Gorgeous bag. Thanks for the photo! By the time Holt Renfrew here in Toronto gets the snake skin Betty ... it will be out of style. Their buying is VERY frustrating!
  12. Can't treat it w/ leather lotions or get it wet (scales will lift up)... But it looks sooo beautiful!!!

    I've also heard that they're discontinuing the python silverados... don't know if it's true.. so I'd try to snatch one of them up. It's a versatile style (can be worn for day or evening).

    I hope you get it!!! It's totally worth it! :flowers:

    Here's a picture of mine and it's worn.. as i bought it on ebay!

  13. Yasmin87 and D & G rockstar your bags are gorgeous!! :love:
  14. Thanks D&G - the pic makes me want to get one now!!
  15. I think the python silverado is an iconic bag! Definitely worth still getting!