Python sighting

  1. Saw the most.gorgeous taupe/grey python OS Muse at NM Somerset today...I don't care for exotics too much but this was absolutely breathtaking!

    Other items in the inventory that I can recall:
    -medium purple patent Tribute
    -croc-quilted black patent large Downtown (!!! fab !!!)
    -blue Uptown - it's almost indigo-violet. First time I've seen one IRL

    They had several other bags too but those stood out for me. If you're interested, call Lisa Hamlin on her cell at (248) 635-8442...I've been working with her on my Chanel addiction but she knowns all of the lines at the store and is very, very helpful.
  2. I think I know what you are talking about. I saw a Mombasa in the same colour python - truly stunning!
  3. Sounds amazing. And Lisa is great. She helped me with a Chloe bag once.