Python Scales lifting at the tips - Remedy?

  1. I have just received the Palace Zeppas from 'Fashionanyone', which is good because I thought I might have been scammed after reading the thread on Moda-da.

    Any way I did receive the shoes and they are generally as described with very little wear on the soles. The only slight disappointment is that the tips of the Python scales are lifting a little around the heels and around the front of the platforms.

    Is this a typical problem with Python skins and is there anything that can be done to remedy the problem, apart from adding a minute drop of glue on each of the multitude of scales?

    Any advice much appreciated as the shoes are a present for my wife, Karen, and I would like them to look their best for her.
    Palace Zeppa 1.jpg Palace Zeppa 2.jpg Palace Zeppa 3.jpg Palace Zeppa 4.jpg
  2. Hi, try bringing them to a ( great )cobbler that treats them with beeswax, they may recommend that you can keep python in super condition if treated once in a while with mink oil if they are in a dry state too... they are lovely BTW, hope this helps, and she loves them ! good luck
  3. I think that this is common with python and you shouldn't be very concerned with it, I don't think that it detracts from the beauty of the shoe. But as Natassha recommended, I'm sure that a cobbler can work some magic.
    Those shoes are stunning!
  4. Kamilla, I saw those on eBay, and was very sad that they were not my size, totally gorgeous!!!..truly showstoppers :heart::heart:
  5. You sure are buying a lot of CL for your wife....lucky gal!

    Yeah, that's a very common occurance with python/snake shoes. It bothers me to no end so I stopped buying python/snake. Those shoes are gorgeous though.