Python Ramona bag on sale at Neiman Marcus

  1. for $2400. Originally $5600. Here's a pic. PM me for my SA's name and number. She is holding it.

  2. Maxter, I think YOU need this bag!!!!!!!!! GET IT. GET IT. GET IT. It is SO you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rochard:
  3. Isn't that the one Robynbenz just got? She said it is her new favorite bag!
  4. This is my favorite bag and I am pretty sure it is the one JBurgh and I took back to NM in Chicago this week. Jburgh was expecting brighter colors on the bag and it came scratched, so we returned it when we arrived on Wed.
    Maxter were you in Chicago this week? We should have all tried to meet. I am waiting in the airport right now to fly home, but had a wonderful dinner last night w/ Wonerful Casey! I should have tried to meet up w/ more PFr's, but Jburgh & I stayed pretty busy.
    Anyway, I hope you got it because NM was the only us store to receive it!

  5. that bag is GORGEOUS!
  6. GORGEOUS!!!!! Someone get it!
  7. It's very unique, a true beauty!!!!!
  8. Yes, that was the bag I returned. Robyn and I were checking on it throughout the trip, to see if someone bought it. Glad a tPF member did!
  9. I didn't get it but i did get a PM from a tPFer who I hope bought it.

    Robyn and jburgh, I'm just west of Milwaukee so I head down to Chicago to do my shopping every once in awhile. Give me a heads up next time you are in town!
  10. Definitely!
  11. What and where and to what extent was it scratched, Robyn? :confused1:
  12. It was my bag. The scratching was on the strap's plate and the hinged tab that goes through the slot in that plate. If the color had been right for me, I would have kept it.