Python Print Camilla (mineral)

  1. Guess who is getting one as a suprise in July :yahoo:
    She didnt even see me order it while she was in the store shopping for her PCE.

    By the way she picked up the Black Signature C Carlye. Ill post pics when the Camilla comes in.
  2. she?
    you bought it for someone else?
    lucky girl =)
  3. Fisherprice:

    You are so nice to purchase a bag for your significant other. She will love that bag. You are really a considerate and thoughtful guy. Happy Birthday to her!

  4. Nice job! I'm sure she'll love it.
  5. wow. i love that bag.
    congratz to her!
  6. So do you have a brother? :graucho:
  7. Oh man, that is one gorgeous bag! I can't wait to see pics! What a lucky girl!
  8. Yeah, have her post pictures please!
  9. hehe not her birthday. Its a just because I can gift.
    Sorry no brothers.

    As soon as it ships I will post pics....I need to think about getting her the wallet.
  10. awww how sweet!!!
  11. UPDATE:
    After a long talk we decided to take it back. We also returned the matching wallet (which I hear is sold out).

    For the price I was really bummed that they did not dye the bag all the way through. When the scales started to curl (we had over a dozen just from shipping) you could see the light grey/white leather underneath.

    We ended up going next door to apple and picked up a mac book for her and an Iphone for me.
  12. Awww man :sad: I'm sorry to hear this.

    Well at least you were able to replace it with something else that she wanted.
  13. I returned mine also and was not happy with the end production and worried about it being damaged so easily. It is a pretty bag though but I am glad she got something she can use even more. I think there is a better bag waiting for us down the road.
  14. That's too bad that it isn't functional. At least she has something that is! By the way, how is the iphone working out?
  15. I'm also sorry to hear it wasn't functional. I was wondering how they were able to do a Python bag for so cheap.

    I still think the mineral python chelsea wristlet looks chic, and I don't even like python stuff. I guess I'll have to rethink that.

    It was so thoughtful of you to buy her a "just because" purse! You should teach guy classes!