Python Paraty problem

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  1. Hey all -
    I've had my python paraty for about 2 months now. although I don't use it everyday, and I try to be super careful with it, some of the skin is peeling off at the bottom in little pieces - along the piping(idk whats its called). Has anyone had a similar problem? I plan on calling the NY Chloe boutique tomorrow. Is there anything they can do? I just feel so bad about this. because it is my favorite bag, and 4k isn't exactly cheap, you know? Plus is was a gift from my fiancee, so it holds a special value to me. Any input would be appreciated - thanks girls!
  2. Oh nooo I'm sorry to hear this.:sad: I'm new to Chloe and haven't checked out this style yet in IRL but hopefully the ladies here can give you some good advice. I would def call the boutique asap to see what can be done.:yes:
  3. I heard that you have to condition Python skin....but other python owners should be able to chime in!
  4. well, after i got the bag i called the ny boutique..and the SA told me just to make sure the skin doesnt get wet. i asked her about conditioning..and she said not to put anything on it.
  5. There's a post about this, you should check it out -

    You're lucky you're in the US, I have gone EVERYWHERE in sydney and no-one has the DYO reptile conditioner, and the website doesn't ship outside US. My python paraty is my favourite bag as well, and I use it nearly every day, it's been pretty good to me and hasn't curled up except a couple near the zipper, and it's not even curled, slightly raised I'd say...but I do need to condition it as well :sad:
  6. Astrid - One of the guys here at work buys exotic skin cowboy boots from the US. (ew) He conditions the skins with stuff he buys from specialist shoe or boot repairs. Dont go to a regular shoe repair, search for a place that has unusual skins. He's still on annual leave so i cant ask him yet. I have yet to work out how he ships these into AU as he also has python boots. but there must be places that would have products or advice. Try googling the info - there must be products you can buy.
  7. good news, ladies! i contacted bergdorf goodman in nyc today, because thats where my fiancee purchased the bag, and they are going to send me a totally new one!! i'm sooo happy i never thought they would completely replace it. i recommend buying anything from there - their customer service is amazing. i can't wait to get the new one! i have to send the old one back first...
  8. thats great right_in2, isnt it nice when they're helpful. Hope to see some pics though when you get it !. Congrats

  9. They ship abroad!!!

    But you need to order via mail, otherwise the shipping costs will be a fortune!

    They also sell very expensive items, so if you order online you got injured shipping.

    However they are willing to send you a $ 5 DYO with regular post.

  10. Girls - I'm closing this Thread - the member who started it is now 'no longer with us' i.e., she is banned :nuts: - therefore its redundant. Of course if there are any girls who have similar problems or need help - please do post a new Thread - there's always someone here who will be happy to hel[;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.