Python Mahala

  1. Hi ladies.

    I'm thinking of buying the python Mahala and I was wondering if any of you have already purchased this bag. What do you thing? Do you have any pictures? I would love to see some "real-life" pictures of this bag!

    Thank you!:smile:
  2. Do you live in Europe or the UK, because that's the only place they'll ship it to. Believe me. I've tried to get them to send it to the US.
  3. A python Mahala would make my life complete :graucho: .

    I know you all know how I feel! :nuts:
  4. Complete.....

    Until you see the Patchwork Python Ramona:graucho: That bag would make you forget about any other bag ever made:yes:
  5. I have seen this bag on display at Neimans in houston. Maybe you could call customer service at Neimans and have them ship you one.
    I do not have this bag but I do have a jimmy choo python bag (ross) and i love it. Very durable
  6. Did you get the Ramona or the Radiant? Or one of each? :rolleyes:
  7. Thank you ladies for all the input.

    FleurDeLis have you seen this bag IRL? Could you please describe it a little more? Is the python leather very shiny?
    I would like to buy a bag that is not "flashy". Don't get me wrong I don't look for a classic bag but for one that I can wear all year round preferably for many seasons to come!
    Do you think that the python mahala is a good choise? This way or another I have to admit it looks great on the JC site, so I think IRL it should be even better!

    One more question: Does the sale on JC site ends on a specific date or it continues until the product has sold out?

    Thank you!:smile:
  8. Carolm,
    The bag is very pretty. It has alot of yellows and brown/black in it. My husband thinks the bag is TDF. But the colors just do not work well with my wardrobe. It has a nice sheen to it, but I would not say that it is ultra shiny. There is a new style out that is way more flashy. It has alot of blue, green and purple and that bag has alot of iridescence. The Mahala I was thinking of was this python with these colors
  9. I saw that purple/green/blue python mahala in NM in Las Vegas! It was TDF!
  10. Actually, I called the NM store in Houston and the SA there sent me some photos. Gorgeous bag, but I could almost buy a nice used car for the price of the Ramona:push:

    I was told the Python skins used to make this bag are not as high quality as what is used to make the Mahala's, Mahdi's and the clutches. The patchwork bags can be made with "pieces of skin" where the other styles have to have large sections of skins, so the bags are actually more valuable than the patchwork series.

    Good to know.... Now maybe I can stop :drool:

  11. Yeah, sure you can :sos: