Python-looking Coach bag in June Marie Claire

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  1. Hey, I haven't seen anything about this yet. Have any of you gotten June's Marie Claire yet? It's the one with Rebecca Romijn on the cover. On page 54 in the piece titled, "hobo bags" there's a picture of a big Coach bag that looks like it's a brown python material. It kind of looks like a Carly but it's a bit more rounded at the bottom "corners" and the strap is different. It does have the straps doing down the outsides of the bag too, like Carly does. It says that it's $798, but there's no name or release date on it. It just says the price, the Coach, then the Coach phone number.

    Does anybody know anything about this bag? I don't normally like python but it looks great! And I was amazed at the price. I don't see how it could be real python for less than a thousand dollars for a bag that size..

    I can't take a picture of the layout because my camera isn't working and my scanner is also back in San Diego with the stupid camera charging cord. Sorry.:sad:
  2. interesting. I know someone had put a white python hobo on ebay saying it was something from coach but it hadn't been put into production yet. It was floating around on the one of the treads here about a month ago. I'm sure someone can find that I would look but I had an outpatient procedure thing done this morning and I'm still grogy and should'nt be let loose on this laptop...haa!
  3. Hi,

    This is the Chelsea Printed Python Large Hobo. The item no. 11007. It is available to order sometime in June. It has a turnlock closure on the top of the bag.
    The retail price is $798. It is not python, it is leather that has been printed to look/emulate python. I got this information from 1-800- Coach.
  4. pics?
  5. ^Awesome! Thanks so much for posting all of that. I'm not normally a fan of the Chelsea stuff but this bag looks fantastic! And I'm actually really happy it isn't real python. Snakeskin gives me the heebie-jeebies, so the fact that it's just printed leather is awesome! (I had a feeling it couldn't be real python because of the price.) I may have to add this one to the wishlist too. It's really great looking.
  6. I'll scan a picture in a bit once I get home. Should be within the next hour.
  7. Here is the picture of the Python-looking Coach Bag in the June issue Marie Claire. It is a great looking bag.
    It is on Page 54 of the magazine. It is bag no 2 in from the left on the top row of the page.
  8. I had to pull my copy back out....don't know how I missed "Coach-dar" must need a tune-up!!
  9. that bag is really pretty! I had to go find my issue too

    I have to cheat on Coach for a sec and say I love that Banana Republic one too, I love all the pockets (guess that's why I love Coach legacy stuff)
  10. Banana Republic has some really nice bags. I've always loved them too.
  11. agreed, I love any bag that's a nice quality leather

    but Coach will always be my first love
  12. word.
    Coach is first in my heart. heh
  13. I completely agree. Isn't the BR one their Ashbury bag? BR has come up with some absolutely gorgeous leather bags and that one is my favorite that they've done.
  14. Thanks Liz!

    You are one of the top people who always know whats up and coming!
  15. now, you really can order python bags from Coach, but they are in the $4000-$10,000 range :sneaky: