~ Python Leather in a Desert Climate?

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  1. #1 Jun 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2009
    Hello TPF & Chloe lovers!

    I am planning on getting my first ever Chloe: the gorgeous Paraty bag. When I visited the Chloe boutique I was originally planning on checking out the leather ones but then I fell in love with the python paraty's!

    After some browsing on tpf I saw that there are a few problems with python leather like pealing and curling, which are caused when the leather becomes dry..

    I am now hesitant on getting a python paraty because I live in the UAE and we have a really dry, hot, desert climate :s I am afraid that the leather will not hold up for a long time and I really do not know of any place where I can get a leather conditioner (let alone something thats specially created for python or snakeskin) >_<;

    I really need everyones opinions! Am I being too worrisome? its not like I actually spend much time outdoors or anything but I still want a bag that doesnt need baby-ing and conditioning all the time. These are my options:
    - Black Python Paraty
    - Navy Python Paraty
    - Navy Leather Paraty
    - Pink Berry Leather Paraty

    What do you suggest? TIA!
  2. i think you wont have problems - they are designed to work as is, a brand new bag shouldnt need any product on it at all. Except maybe a waterproof spray for rainy days.
    There are many conditioning treatments & creams out there which you can look at in the future if you think the bag needs it.

    There are ladies here with the python paraty - they'll have more info to help you decide.

    If you have the chance to get a python paraty - go for it.
  3. You should worry about humidity.
    Humidity does a lot of damage to python, the scales will lift and curl.
    Usually Chloe will send the handbag to Paris for repair, but they can't always fix the problem
    Chloe boutique at Dubai mall do not recommend using any products on their python handbags.
    I have a Chloe python handbag that I use very carefully.
  4. I got the black python paraty and I had no problems so far.The python leather of the Paraty is outstanding.It's the softest snakeskin leather I ever got.I also have the python Silverado and I once had a Betty, the python of the Betty was rough-textured and the bag was stiff, you really had to be careful about what to wear with her etc.
    But I do not have this problems with the Paraty and the Silverado as well ( the python of the Silverado is similar, way softer than the Betty was ).
    I am using the Paraty like I use all my handbags, I treat them "o.k.", I am careful but not too cautious at all. But I got a lot of bags so I maybe use each once a months and I do not carry lots of stuff with me so they are hardly used.
    I did use it in the rain once, it was no problem at all, even though I did not impregnate it before...( forgot it and it did not look like it would rain when I left the house...did not use any care/cleaning/impreganting products on it so far)
    I love my Paratys...if you can get one...go for it, it's a beauty...
  5. I forgot to reply to the second part of your question :P

    Paraty is a great choice, it is one of my favourite Chloe handbags.

    if you want an everyday bag I would advise you not to get the python. Caring for python in this part of the world can be very tricky.

    If you decide to get the Leather paraty, it is better to wait for the new fall collection.
    I am waiting for the Fall collection to buy a small black paraty, I was told that the leather will be much better.
    I have the large paraty and I love it :love:

    Whatever you decide you can't go wrong with Chloe or paraty :nuts:
  6. Rowe55; thank you for your comment.. i definitely wont be needing the waterproof spray as we hardly ever get any rain in this part of the world xD

    Juda; thanks for your suggestions! i was planning on making my purchase from the boutique at the dubai mall as well.. im still weighing my options (leather vs. python), do you know what colors will be coming out in the new fall collection?

    Chloé75; wow it seems that the leather is much more durable than i thought! thank you for your input!
  7. Good plan to buy from Chloe at Dubai mall :tup:

    The manager Beata is a member of TPF as well.
    She is pushing Chloe Paris for products to care for python in this part of the world. So buying the python is not a bad idea - Beata will give you the best and most honest advice.

    They currently have in python the large in Black and the small in navy - both of them are gorgeous :love:

    They just received the fall 2009 collection and from what I understand they have (in leather) black, red, grey and different shades of brown and beige. They also have the pinkberry from the current collection
  8. Wow, that's a great assortment...have to move to Dubai...;)
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