python in california

Python is banned in California because one type of python is in the endangered species list. However, you can buy it from other states and bring it to Cali with you. It's only banned for commercial shipping.
Yeah I was wondering about that tooI fell in love with Coach's signature striped python tote (red stripe). I wanted it so badly but wouldn't ship to CA. Well, I was able to get it while on vacation in another state. Now I am the ONLY person I've ever seen to have this bag. So in away it was good for me. :smile:
Hmm, so only for commercial shipping? I wanted to get a Chloe python; I was thinking about getting a friend in another state to buy it for me, and mailing it to me. Does anyone know if this is this ok?
Retailers in CA cannot sell python. Some out of state retailers (e.g. Aloha Rag, SFA, etc.) will ship python to CA that has been purchased out of state, others (e.g. Bergdorf Goodman) will not. I have had python bags shipped to me, never had any problems...