Python Gaucho Clutch

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  1. I was just in Saks and saw the most gorgeous Silver irridescent python gaucho clutch, with a small strap that tucks inside, retail $2700, it was 50% off. I took it off the shelf twice, I am so attracted to clutches, but this was really dressy and I just don't do dressy. I haven't seen this one pictured anywhere, wish I had thought to snap a pic on my cell phone. Anyone have any pictures of this bag? They told me their sending all their sale bags off tomorrow probably to the outlet..but it wasn't that likely the outlet would take more than another 10% off.
  2. Should have called the outlets sooner, I missed this gorgeous bag on a super outlet sale...they only received two for each store.

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  3. I am not an exotic girl but the gaucho clutch is cute. Very classy.
  4. ah those python clutches...beautiful but so not practical and fragile, I had one and not getting it again:nogood:
  5. oh I remember is that the one where the scales are really delicate and started to lift?
  6. yes the skin was very dry and slightest touch would make the scales lift and the bag looked haggard uugh
  7. As long as the scales don't actually fall off, the bag will still look great. I know the edges of the scales may lift and make the bag look a bit messy, but if your bag is a slouchy softer type then it doesn't distract from the look of the bag.
  8. only my bag was a very structured one and when it is, you just have little triangular edges of scales sticking out :Push:
  9. I was able to get one and am really excited. Like I said I saw the bag in real life and just couldn't put it down. For $338, and as often as I'll wear something this dressy, I'm not too concerned about the scales. I've had python before in Gucci, Chloe. I just cannot believe a bag can go from $2750 to $338. Will post real pics when I get it, have my fingers crossed there are no problems.
  10. Here's another pic of the Python clutch with the matching bag. For under $800 I tried to get the bag too, but they didn't have it. Possibly I'm better off with just the clutch, if its delicate. Probably not something that would withstand regular use.

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  11. Ooooo that's one fancy clutch ReRe! Congrats!
  12. Congratulations on getting the clutch! At least you got it (for such an amazing price, too). It was probably their last one!

    Please post pictures of the clutch when you receive it! By the way, did you know that this clutch comes with a removable strap? Here are two pictures of the clutch on Ebay last year:


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  13. I did, I saw the bag in real life at Saks.
  14. Can't wait to see your pics ReRe!
  15. They can't be any better than the ones averagejoe posted but I'll try.