PYTHON DOCTOR'S BAG experts!!!! Help!!!

  1. Hello everybody!

    Can somebody tell me how to identify the authentic Chloe python doctor's bag.
    thanks so much
  2. The most important authenticity feature with python silverados of any type is that the skin is real python skin, not embossed leather. You should be able to each individual scale.

    Second, there should be a Chloe logo stamped in the leather closure snap button strap. It shouldn't be too large, and each letter shouldn't be too thick.

    Third, there should be a leather serial tag in the inner zippered pocket. On older models, the number format is XX-XX-XX. I think they may have changed the number format starting in SS 06.
  3. One thing I noticed is that even the inside of the pockets have the scales. My bag has very large scales in the pocket.
  4. Thanks to everyone