Python Delphine Bag...interesting

  1. I really really don't like this bag at all...not a fan of snakes, but I found this to be pretty interesting info...I'd love to see what the lining looks like since it's supposed to be a collage of photos from a Fall Ad campaign!
  2. Not really a fan...I think it's too big of a bag to use exotic skins and the coloring is just a bit overkill, honestly.
  3. I'd be afraid that it'd bite me when I wasn't lookin'....:lol:
  4. It actually looks scary..:sweatdrop:
  5. Snakeskin really turns me off - especially the way they torture the snakes to get it.
  6. AHHHH that's crazy!!!!!!!!! :wtf:
  7. Bizarre comparison...

    "If a standard Coach bag is a Mini Cooper S, the Delphine is a Bentley Azure"

    I'll take my MINI (and my standard Coach bag) any day, thankyouverymuch...

  8. eww im not a fan of that either and $4000 0__0 def not worth it
  9. eww snakeskin....but there was just a post by member that got a delphine made of's tdf and the lining inside is very neat looking
  10. My SA showed me the info before the last PCE. Not my cup of tea...
  11. Me too and as much as I loathe snakes, I would never want them to be tortured!!
  12. i thought it was a jacket at first sight