Python Classic Flap in Straw color-keep or return? PIC

  1. I was looking for a beige flap with silver hw, but NY Saks SA Joseph steered me towards this. FedEx delivered on Valentine's Day, but now that I look at it....does the color look more banana slug than neutral? I'm wondering whether I should return her. I'd love the turquoise python, but it only came in a pochette.

  2. IMO, it does look more yellow-y than beige neutral.
    If I had to choose between the beige and the turquoise, I would go w/the turquoise hands down.
  3. Its cute but if your not happy its alot of money for just an "eh" feeling. I adore the torqoise!!
  4. if you're not loving it, return it, but it's breathtaking, imho.

    the color is a TAD yellow, but if it were anymore neutral it would be too drab.
  5. If you're not in love, return it for something you adore!!! Good luck!
  6. I prefer the turqoise over this color. I like this one, but I think it may look warmer if it had gold hardware.

    If you're not totally happy, you should return it.
  7. I like the color; it's the silver hardware that doesn't do it for me. After "sleeping on it", if you aren't in love with it, return it. You gotta love it -- or leave it :smile:
  8. It looks a bit yellow in the picture. I think yellow is the ít'colour coming summer, but I think it will pass on quick. If you don't mind that keep it! but if you want to use it for years I would choose another colour. But I really love the model!!!!
  9. if your not loving the colour, then return it.
    Its an expensive bag and if its just going to sit in your closet, then it should go back
  10. In your picture it appears to be slightly yellow.
    But it's not screaming yellow ;)
    If you're having second thoughts about it, you should return her.
    Hopefully you will soon find a beige purse you fall in love with immediately!
  11. i love the tourquise!! Not digging the banana slug? color lol...Do what will make you happy!!!
  12. I think you should hold out for a color you truly love. This color seems a bit blah to me.
  13. This is a banana slug. Note the color.

  14. i like the turqoise one!! It looks FAB IRL!!! :love::love::love:
  15. Can I ask how much was this bag? It's really pretty!