Python Cerf tote

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  1. Incredibly sexy...I absolutely adore it...the pic I posted is the croc version...has anyone seen the python version around in any boutique or mall?
  2. I have a photo from more than a year ago, but haven't seen one IRL.
  3. They probably keep it in the vault...;)
  4. It was out in 2006 - not sure if it's still in stock anymore.
  5. It's stunning!:tup:
  6. I just saw a bag I'm not totally sure is the one pictured but very similair. It looked like a smaller version of a cerf and was made out of an exotic skin. It wasn't behind glass so I'm not sure if this was the $40,000 one. It was at Saks in Boca if you're interested.
  7. I saw the python one in brown shades at Saks not too long ago. I think it was around $4995.
  8. Thank you guys so much xxx Im looking for the python in blue its so cute exactly like the one swanky posted thanx swanky xx
  9. I love exotics. I've never seen the python tote IRL but I have a purple python flap bag. My bag pic should be in the reference section under classic flaps. I believe there are a couple shades of blue in flap bags - not sure what is available in a tote. One of the blue pythons was like a sky blue. I also have these shoes which are a blue/green.
  10. I love those shoes! Oh, my.
  11. gorgeous!!
  12. OMG twice over!!! Those are KILLA pumps, Max! :drool:
  13. Cerfs in exotic skins???? Oh my... must forget I ever read this...will want one...
  14. ^^^NO KIDDING!!! I normally think of the Cerf as a bit sedate. Not this baby!! :yahoo:
  15. The Chanel Boutique in Chicago had one out in Blue a couple of weeks ago ... it was the larger sized one for $6995