Python Carly??

  1. Is this a PYTHON Carly?? IF so, how much is it? I think I might need to go to Vegas again so I can get one since they can't be shipped in Cali.

  2. I posted pictures when this bag appeared in May Issue of Marie Claire. It is Chelsea Print Python embossed Hobo No. 11007 and retails for $798. I called Coach and got this info last month. It is not python but leather that has been embossed to look like python. This bag is lovely. Presently it is being offered in the Brass/chocolate and the mineral color.
  3. is the brass/chocolate the same COLOR BROWN (just in leather) as the all chocolate sig carly that just came out............hmmm.......that might be kinda cool.
  4. oh and glad it's not python, I really don't think I could carry it if it was. Also I was at the Coach store yesterday and looked through the redbook and I believe there actually is a python carly that's in regular snake colors and it retails for $4,000!!
  5. I think the Chelsea is the style I didn't like cuz the turnlock on top of the bag pokes your under arm when you are carrying it...........hopefully with this bag, they made the strap longer so it won't do that.
  6. i wan that bag sooo bad.

  7. Spacytracy:

    The Brass/chocolate is really more of a tan/camel color.
    I cannot find the post, I did a search. It was in the May Issue of Marie Claire. I will try to scan it and send you a picture of it tonight. It is a nice bag but a bit pricey in my opinion.

    kind regards,
  8. Chelsea's are pretty bags . . . what I did not like about them is overtime the flap softens and it gets harder to fasten the turnlock without two hands. I sent a suggestion to Coach to "magnetize" the hardward so it would "catch" together then turn the lock . . .
  9. Yes, there is. I believe it's in the small version of the fall 65th anniversary catalog.