python betty

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  1. first of all thank you so much to rollergirl, bagangel and annsfabulousfinds for so kindly responding to my pms about your own experiences with this style and especially and as always i appreciate my consultant kmsnyc for all of your time and help! :heart:

    now onto my dilemna...i have the opportunity to purchase a python betty on sale. it's a sort of soft medium brown and has the gold rings on the pockets. (unfortunately i can't seem to find any pics of this shade online). anyway even with the reduced price this would be the most i've ever spent on a bag and i've never owned snakeskin before so i am hoping for any words of wisdom before i go through with the purchase.

    i would be so grateful for any and all nays, yays or advice. also for those of you who know python, i'm the mother of two still relatively young children and to justify this purchase i would have to carry the bag a lot, would it look cool and chic as it ages or just kinda pathetic?

    brutal honesty is appreciated and enablers are also always welcome! :lol:
  2. I saw a pic of Bagangel's python Betty and I think it's to die for in terms of looks. I remember being told a while back that with exotic skins, you have to keep the skin moisturized so it doesn't dry out.
  3. Someone has to clue me in as well since I now have two pythons - one Betty and one Silverado. I like the look of the scales curling up slightly since there is more of a textured 3-dimensionaled feel. But I think I did read that you are not supposed to get them wet - although what happens if you do I cannot fathom! Don't wanna test it either! So to moisturize them do you rub them with a special purse oil???
  4. Oh please if anyone out there knows how to keep them let me know. I have a new python silverado and the scales are curly on the edges--should we be doing something to them. Not getting them wet reminds me of the fuzzy animals that you couldn't get wet or feed after midnight--what were they;..the bad one was called Stripe---
  5. The color of BagAngel's python Betty was caffe I believe. It was to die for.
  6. Ah thanks nyc you are so welcome.
    All I can tell you is that the later ediions of the Betty are not as nice as the first issue IMHO. They took away the lovely brass lock & just put what i think is a cheap looking leather pull on the zipper & noleather pieces on the gold rings on pockets. I cannot understand why they did this on a high priced item
    regarding wear & tear i think the python is ok if you take care of it & yes i think it is a timeless bag!
  7. I think the betty in python is TDF. I don't think u can treat the scales w/ anything... the moisture gets under the scales causing them to dry up and fall off. The scales turn up from rubbing against your clothes.. otherwise its super durable - even though it looks fragile! The Betty is roomy enough to hold tons of stuff! AND most importantly... you'll be able to wear it for ages! The only downfall is that you can't get it wet - you know how NYC has those surprise 10 minute rain storms in the summer... Overall, I think u should get it.
  8. About the rain thing... here's a tip: Take a plastic garbage bag and fold it up into a tiny little square and put a rubber band around it to keep it really tiny. Stick that in the inside pocket of your python bag, and if you ever have the misfortune of getting caught in a downpour, you can put your bag in the plastic bag and secure it closed. It will stay dry; I have done this!

    Yes, you will look like a kook carrying your garbage bag purse in the rain, but it's well worth it if you consider the alternative. :heart:
  9. :yes: Here's my input........

    I actually owned a Python Betty - the exact same one as Bagangel (Cafe, First season) but in the smaller size :yes: I bought the bag at 50% retail but it was still £1k :push: (GBP not USD)

    The bag was GORGEOUS! Like nothing I have ever felt before - it was exceptional in everyway :love: BUT, I didn't dare use it! Although I paid £1k for it, in my mind I knew it was a £2k bag. It was so soft and delicate that I was so worried about it getting damaged and so it spoilt my enjoyment :sweatdrop:

    I sold the bag after just a few weeks of owning it because I just knew I was too precious over it and would never really use it :crybaby:

    The thing is with the Python Betty - it is almost too beautiful! I wanted to preserve it in that state and not risk ruining it :shrugs:

    NYCMOM - Having said all that, I really baby my bags and I know not everyone is like that. I also get nervous if a bag is worth more than £1k and now stick to bags in the £500-800 range. The python Betty (especially first season Cafe) is one of the most gorgeous bags you will ever own and so if you are less phobic than me then I would really recommend it! You will feel a million dollars carrying the bag and it is worth every penny if you get the use from it :love:

    btw, I actually own a Python Silverado hich is much more "me" given it cost me much less and because of the style and contruction, it is less delicate than the Betty
  10. Hi! I have two young boys and have 2 python bags - a Chloe silverado and a Prada bag. Both are beautiful!! I was also lucky to get both on sale (Chloe on eBay, Prada at Saks Off 5th). I love owning a python bag as there is nothing else like it. I take the Silverado to work on nice dys, but the Prada is more of a "special occasion" bag since it is more delicate (the straps are also made of python - they've cracked a little). I don't use them on days out with the kids because I end up carrying the 2 year old a lot, so I need a bag that fits over my shoulder and isn't too bulky for that. But it is definitely worth it to own one. I don't plan on getting rid of these bags for years and years!
  11. I don't think it'd look "pathetic" at all!! You would be very edgy chic, especially in the city. As for getting python wet, I am also the proud new owner of a python Silverado, and this past Saturday night, as I was taking her out on her inaugural spin, someone spilled Ketel One & soda down the front. Thankfully nothing happened...(yet?). So now we know that she won't shrivel up and melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West!! :lol:
  12. I asked my leather care person when the handles started cracking on the Prada. She siad that she suggests leather care oil for that BUT that if you oil skins it will darken the color (my Prada is sort of a tan color). So you'd have to do the whole bag so that the color would be uniform, or you'd just have one darker spot. Since I didn't know how much it would darken it we decided to leave it until it gets worse (Or just replace the handle with leather when that day comes along.)
  13. thank you so much for your responses and encouragement, i can't tell you how much i appreciate your taking the time to help! :flowers: assuming my sitter doesn't flake on me i'm going to go check it out again tomorrow and if everything is okay i think i'm gonna go for it!

    pquiles...i know, bagangels gorgeous photos have definitely helped tempt me!

    divnanata...i'm so glad you mentioned you like the curling up look, i am hoping i will too.

    rere...congrats on your bag and i'll definitely let you know if i find out any python care tips.

    bagangel...i promise i will look it over very carefully and thanks for the timeless comment, love that!

    d&g...i absolutely love your collection so a yay from you means a lot!

    kmsnyc...great idea and now i know just what to put into one of those betty pockets!, i completely understand what you mean, i could so easily see that happening to me, but i promised myself if i got this i would carry it as often as possible so i think (hope) i am prepared, i told myself it's only worth it if i wear it a lot (the price per use justification). and since i love your taste the fact that you even bought this style really helps! the idea of edgy chic, thanks for the image! congrats on the silverado and i'm so glad it survived the spill, what a scare that must have been!

    compulsivepurse...your bags sound stunning! i bet you look amazing with them!
  14. For what ever it's worth NYCMOM I use really nice porcelain dishes everyday of the year. Now go buy that bag!!!!!!!!:graucho:
  15. thanks susie! :lol: