Python Bag

  1. Ok, im not really a chanel purse fan, but im supposed to be trying to find a bag that is like from the cambon series with python on it? do you experts know where i can find one? i dont even know what the purse is called, or the price. thanks :flowers:
  2. My NM doesn't have any left.
    It's just the Cambon ______ w/ python.
  3. oh, so this purse was limited edition?
  4. Just part of the group that was put on sale as far as I know.
    My NM had wallets and messengers and they were clearanced w/ the other Cambons.
  5. ok im heading off to charlotte, nc end of this week, ill go see.

    thanks swankymama!
  6. Before you make the trip, you should call in ahead and ask for an updated inventory. From what I hear, almost everyone is sold out of the Cambons that were on sale.

    Good luck!

  7. thanks so much! i will do so. do you have any pics of the pyhton line, i still have no idea what it looks like. :cry:
  8. ^ luccibag got a python one and posted pics recently here. it also comes in the tote, bowling bag, pochette, and reporter style
  9. thanks jen (if that is you name lol)

    by the way, if that your dog in your avatar, its adorable! What kind is it?