python artsy

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  1. Wanted to share....

    I saw this at the Boston Copley Store. It is gorgeous! :love: It comes in grey also. There were 10 black and 4 grey left in the company.

    I hope this enables one or more of you to pounce! It was $8,XXX.

    They also had a black ostrich alma and a grey ostrich lockit. These were gorgeous also :love::love: and were 7,XXX.

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  2. I'll fix my picture issue when I get home later....but you get the idea!
  3. Thanks for sharing! Was the gray ostrich lockit shaped like the suhali lockit or epi lockit?
  4. I'd like to see the alma and the lockit. I'm not a fan of the artsy.
  5. The alma and lockit were very pretty. Sadly, I didn't get a picture of those... I meant to and got distracted.

    I've never seen an epi I vote suhali.
  6. Wow! LV is bringing something in for me that they will not say.... wonder if its one of these babies!!!
  7. Omg 0.0
    I want this !!!!!!!
    but the price is pretty scary and make it just a dream for me :sad:

    Would want to see the alma and the lockit as well :love:
    Thanks for sharing us the pics (:*
  8. i love the ostrich, but i am not a fan of python. maybe i'll get to see one of them.
  9. it's stunning!!! but way pricey!!!!!
  10. WOW! What a bag! Thanks for sharing!
  11. This bag is a work of art... it's amazing how they were able to emboss the python like that! Thanks for sharing the pics OP!
  12. I love your new bag. It is so pretty. I wonder if they haave any more python Galliera's???
  13. That just may be the most amazing bag... Ever!!
  14. Here's the fixed picture. Initially, I thought this was the empriente artsy. I'm bummed that I didn't get a shot of the ostrich bags....

    They also had the new nomade bags....speedy, lockit, and tall lockit. Very tempting!!!

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  15. Thanks for sharing...I saw this in person the other day...I have to say I wasn't impressed. I guess it's because I'm not a big fan of the Artsy anyway...