Pyramid size in relation to large Veneta? Modelling pics?

  1. I have a large veneta, which I love, but I wish was bigger (still waiting for it to stretch, though). I've recently been intrigued with the pyramid, but I'm having trouble finding more than one modelling or comparison pic... and measurements don't always tell the whole story (especially because the veneta is flat and the pyramid is not flat at all). So, my questions...

    1. Any modelling shots or comparison shots of Pyramid vs. large veneta?
    2. How do you think I would find the Pyramid size, knowing that a large veneta is verging on too small for me. I like the sillouette of a large bag.

  2. Jane has some fantastic modeling pics of her pyramid for size reference. I don't think the pyramid is any bigger than the large veneta except for in depth. I have tried both on in person.
  3. The large veneta is most definitely bigger than the pyramid.
  4. I saw Jane's pics - are there any others?
  5. Here's some side-by-side pics I posted in my Pyramid thread....(sorry, no handy action comparisons). Left to right - Large Veneta, Pyramid, Sloane. HTH!

  6. ^Oh, and I agree the capacity of both bags are about the same even though their profiles are much different. If you like the "look" of a big bag, the Pyramid won't do you better than the Veneta.
  7. The maxi stamped studded veneta is huge (22 inches) and priced lower then the large size (19 inches) on Bluefly.
  8. bluegenie, that really helps - thanks. Dang, I wish the pyramid was bigger!
  9. Your trio combo are gorgeous! :love:
    Thank you for the comparison shots :smile:
  10. Bluegenie I love your gray pyramid! It's TDF.

    Of course I love my noce one, as well. It breaks in so beautifully. Even though it's my most expensive bag purchase ever (!) I don't regret it for a moment. And I think it's the perfect size, just enough room for everything I need, with a bit left over.

    In my opinion, it's the best BV design, just barely edging out the campana.
  11. Bluegenie, since you have all three of my favorite style, I'm curious...among those three styles... which one you feel most comfortable when wearing that on the shoulder? I was kind like thorn in between Sloane & Venetta. I need to decide.. which way should I go?
  12. Virtual Shopper hands down (IMHO although I'm sure most would agree) the Veneta is much more comfortable on the shoulder - it's like a whisper you barely notice. Still I don't think I could live without a Sloane :love: Both bags are TDF, you can't really lose.

    Good luck and whatever you choose, please post pics!!
  13. Thanks for the comparison shot.
    Are there others...I'm specifically looking to see how the Veneta, Ball, Sloane and Pyramid compare to each other in size.