pyramid or campana?

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  1. I love my Roma in ebano and want a nero braided nappa bag.... :yahoo:
    Found the Pyramid and the Campana but can not decide....
    Have anyone tried on the small Campana? Do you have any pics "in action". I live 300 km from the polar circle so when I have a chance to go to a boutique I like to have done my home work before. Who else to ask than you guys who share the same passion for beautiful bags? :smile:
  2. Hi vattenlije and welcome to BV! Congrats on your roma- it is one of my favourite styles.

    I've attached a few pics of my cobalt and ash scuro campana 'in action'.

    I love the campana- it can hold a fair bit and is great for both work and casual.

    It is a hard choice between the pyramid and the campana- the pyramid has a zippered top which provides more security. Capacity wise I think the pyramid may have a tiny bit more room than the campana but if you stuff both too much it gets less comfortable to carry.

    Both are great styles but if you are thinking of getting a nero BV, I'd go with the campana- I personally love the cohesiveness of the gunmetal hardware and the black leather. I especially love the pics of Princess Mary of Denmark carrying hers. :heart:

    HTH! Have fun deciding and do keep us posted :P

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  3. I have both the small capana (they call it the medium in the stores but the campana only somes in 2 sizes - a smaller one and a bigger one) and the new pyramid. I love both of them. However, the pyramid is easier to carry as it has a single strap which sits well on my shoulder. The campana has 2 straps and one tends to fall off the shoulder. Capacity wise, the pyramid can hold more. Having said that, I think the campana is a more feminine bag and I am not too bothered by the strap falling off my shoulder.

    I think the pyramid comes only with gold hardware (the rings that hold the shoulder strap is gold) whilst the campana comes with gunmetal hardward. Hence, if I were you, I would decide on which bag to get based on whether I wear more gold or more silver. Eg, if your belt/shoes/accessories are mostly silver, then get the Campana.

    Have fun deciding. I think you can't go wrong whichever choice you make. They are both great styles.
  4. the pyramid has a slightly more casual feel to it, if that makes a difference for you. as the ladies before have said, they are both wonderful options. you need to try them on if possible!
  5. I prefer the Pyramid, specifically because of the strap issue sweet rabbit mentions above.
  6. I just got my first Campana and I love it. I think it's dressier than the Pyramid. I don't carry my bags on the shoulder so I can't say whether the strap falls off or not. I was between the Pyramid and the Campana and went with the Campana for a couple reasons. One the hardware is smaller and the cool gunmetal color pretty much disappears so you don't really even see it. Second for me, I always like a dressier look even when I'm dressed casual. I'm just a dressy kind of gal. :P

    A couple pics from my recent wearing. Have fun deciding on your new bag!

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  7. Hmmm....well I looked at the Sloane, Pyramid and Campana. The Pyramid is beautiful but the zipper got on my nerves a bit - I felt like I was scraping my hand when I was getting things in and out. But, nevertheless, the zipper is a good safety tool.

    I wound up getting the Sloane and the Campana. I love the Campana for the ease of getting things in and out yet it is still secure with the magnetic closure and when wearing on my shoulder, my arm is helping to keep it closed. As for the the straps, if I put the one strap over the other on my shoulder, it seems to be okay. One strap is always easier but the look of the campana sold my heart.

    The Sloane is also a wonderful bag - a bit bigger than the Pyramid and the flap makes it a bit easier to get things in and out (at least for me).

    That being said, both the Campana and the Pyramid are lovely bags (especially the Pyramid in Ferro) and you can't go wrong. It is really what you are most comfortable with.
  8. I just got my first medium campana in nero and love it. I was very concerned after reading posters comments regarding the strap issue but I also have found if you intertwine them a bit they stay on the shoulder. The size of this bag is perfect for me with it holding all of my stuff plus leaving a bit of room for any extras. I cannot comment on the other styles as I have no experience with them. Happy Shopping!!