Pyramid in Noce on sale at Bergdorf

  1. If you have been looking for the Pyramid in Noce, I saw it on the Bergdorf website selling for $1550 ( approx., I don't recall exact, but it is on sale) as well as on Bluefly in both ebano and noce at a comparable price.

    So, check it out if you are interested.
  2. thanks bags'rus - i am interested but on a purse ban! i really should wait till next spring before i buy another bv.
  3. ACA

    I know what you mean. I too am on an EVERYTHING ban....bags, clothes, underwear, socks -- everything. I have my nero old ball arriving TODAY. (I don't know how to post pics. When my college age DD comes home for break, I will ask her to show me.)

    I keep seeing bv's I want. Noce or ebano pyramid , noce or limo veneta for starters. And when I see one on sale or find one that is hard to locate it is so-o-o hard. I need to win the lottery!
  4. yes, bags'rus, i SO know what you mean. am now getting more and more fixated on a pyramid in a light colour and i can't stop looking at bluefly. in some ways it's good that i'm in singapore and the bv prices here are ridiculous so i can still hold out somewhat. :wtf:

    please do post pics, and action shots, when you can.
  5. yeah! i am glad that i am not in the US, else, i would be buying up a storm!
    like aca and bags, i keep seeing so many bvs that i want...all the time!!