Pyramid Bag Owners - Help needed

  1. Hi I cannot seem to find the authenticity tag on the pyramid bag I purchased from Jomashop. It is not inside the inner zipped pocket as far as i see. Can pyramid bag owners tell me if there is a tag (I mean the cloth tag with jagged edge) and where is it?
  2. Hmm, I didn't even think to look for my tag -- I got mine from Bluefly (I do hope it's authentic!)... I'll try to look for you when I go home.
  3. It is definately on the inside pocket, but sometimes it can be a bit buried under the seam. Other members have bought from Jomashop before so I believe their goods are authentic.
  4. Mine is from NM and it's sewn into the inside of the pocket.
  5. Well I have examined the inside pocket very carefully and it is definitely not there, unless it is under the seam. The bag looks authentic in everyway, but not having a authenticity tag is like ??? I am wondering if i should return it but i would lose the exobitant shipping and taxes I paid.
  6. hi jems332, try unzipping the inner pocket and running your fingers along the seam inside. it should be stiched together with the seam. you really have to dig deep as it's a small tag.
  7. I had to turn my pocket inside out to find my tag... did you find yours?
  8. I had this same problem with the bottega I ordered from jomashop...despite all the positive posts on tpf my gut told me that it wasn't a real bv and i returned it (the quality of mine didn't seem that impressive for a bv either)
  9. ^^^
    WOW. Interesting and scary.