PW Stams - Different Season Tags??

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  1. This was brought to my attention by monkeedmafia and it's really got me confused and curious.

    Yesterday, there was a PW Stam in Slate listed on ebay (I even posted about it becuz I couldn't remember who was looking for it - then I found the post & PF member!!):

    This bag looks just like my Slate PW Stam. Every detail is exact.

    There was another PW Stam in Slate listed on ebay which ended earlier today. The seller was from Hong Kong and I believe it was listed once or twice before (at a higher price):

    Everything about this bag looks perfect and spot on compared to my Slate PW Stam AND the other one listed except for ONE small detail -- the season tag inside the inner zippered pocket is black & says "S07 610" (mine and the other one, as well as monkeedmafia's are white & say "SS07 197).

    Now, I've never seen a fake PW Stam in this color before. I really think it would be a hard color to duplicate because it is so unique. I mean, I guess its possible, but what I wondered is this: Is it possible that bags distributed to other countries have different seasons and/or different season tags? Or perhaps, even bags here in the US might have different season tags inside?

    I guess the only way to know for absolute certain whether or not a bag is fake is to see it in person & compare it to a known authentic one. But again, looking at that bag, everything about it is perfect and matches up exactly -- the color, the texture of the leather, engraving, gold foil stamped name, lining, hardware -- it all matches up perfectly with my authentic one. If there's never been a difference in the season tags inside, then this is a VERY scary thing -- an EXACT replica of an authentic MJ with only one very minor difference (and I'd say the season tag is a minor detail). I mean, usually the color's off or the leather or the engraving or hardware or any combination of these things. It just seems strange that a fake version's difference would be the season tag.

    Does anyone know much about the season tags? Or perhaps, someone else has a PW stam from S/S07, that might have that darker tag (not necessarily Slate)?
  2. I am not sure about the PW Stams, but I can tell you that my 2005 Taupe Stam has a different tag than most of the others out there. I think that most have F05 tags, but mine has S05. I had this bag authenticated over and over again by the pros here on TPF. I was really worried when I saw the tag on mine was different. I was told that some of the original Stams have the S05 tag. Not sure if it was one of the later bags produced (closer to the release of S05 bags) or if it was just a mistake. Either way, I know my bag is authentic, but it has that quirk to it. Maybe, this is the same situation. It is kind of scary, though. You really have to double check authenticity when something like this happens.

    Also, I have a Black Stam that I bought at Saks the same time I purchased a Resort 06 bag there (last June) When I checked the serial tag on the Black Stam, it has PERM, which I have not seen very often. I was expecting a serial tag of F or S, but it had this one. Odd.
  3. I think the same is true with season tags in Julienne bags as well - the different colors, etc. I dunno why, and maybe we shouldn't tell all, in case there is a scammer reading. :confused1:
  4. thanks for posting this luvmybags! i was so worried, but i know ours is the same tag and that me peace of mind :flowers:
  5. Anything new about the tags? I got an eggshell colored Patchwork stam a few days ago which also has a black tag?
  6. where did you get your bag from?
  7. yup -- that's got the EXACT same tag as the Slate PW being sold from HK (except yours has a "P" and the Slate has an "S"). I'm guessing that there might be different tags inside depending on when exactly the bag was released and/or shipped to the retailers. I really don't think either of those Slate PW stams were fake, just maybe released and/or produced at different times. That Slate color & Patchwork leather is so unique that I can't see how it could have been replicated so exact.
  8. Yeah, you're right. Another I reason I could think of is, that maybe they differ depending on the manufacture they come from?
  9. ^^they all come from the same manufacturer (at least, I'm fairly certain they do!). I just have a feeling that some of the bags aren't sent out and/or made at the exact same time, and maybe that's got something to do with those tags. There are Hudson bags from Fall 2006 and then there are some from Spring 2007 -- same bag, different tags because they were made, shipped & sold during different seasons. I wouldn't worry about it -- I'm sure your bag is authentic, as I'm fairly certain the 2 Slate ones are too.