1. Do you see a bag made from PVC or some other kind of fake leather and think cheap?? I found some inexpensive Nine West and Guess bags that are really cute but obviously not real leather and I just feel like they are going to look cheap and tacky. I wish that I could get past this hangup. What do you all think??
  2. I don't like pleather or pvc at all. I wouldn't be happy carrying one, so I never buy one. I'd rather have fabric.
  3. Not for me either - sorry, I rather buy secondhand....
  4. I agree....get fabric or second hand...PVC doesn't feel good when you touch it. Which makes me not want to carry the bag at all.
  5. I don't like the plastic smell that eminates from PVC. My mom had a PVC bag that absolutely stunk! Companies like Matt & Nat make "vegan" bags from PVC that are quite pricey. I am sure they are very nicely made, but I just can't get past the fact that they're made of plastic. If you feel that the PVC is going to look cheap, then don't buy. You'll end up not wearing the bag. It'll just be a waste of money.
  6. Hi!~ I was just going to post about matt & nat, but in my attempt to copy and paste something to show you all...I lost it!
    I've bought 2 matt and nat...was going to paste, but lost it all...so who really cares...anyway...a pink 'Hampton' and a green 'strange love'. I've not worn the hampton as it's obviously a spg summer bag, but I did break out the strangelove a little pre-season...and could not believe all the comments I got on it. It's just a lot of fun...they do some fun colors. But...here's the thing...since then, I bought my first lv, then an lv wallet, then a used agenda..egads...and now I think before spending that money for a cheaper bag, I would have put it away for another lv piece...saved up.
    Sorry...that was a bit fragmented and 'rambly'...
  7. Aren't the LV miroir bags made out of PVC?
  8. MIROIR.......YEA. but who says it doesn't look cheap!
  9. I am so glad that you guys feel the same way...I just saw the LV Miroir and I didn't like it all....then I found the other bags that were plastic and I though maybe I was missing out on a trend that I should be a part of...but I know that I won't be able to get past that its plastic.
  10. Count me in as another one who doesn't like the miroir line at all......it seems cheesy to me:shrugs:
  11. Don't like PVC either... but here's a kicker for ya:


    A-hem.... now did you say that PVC was suppose to be cheap? :confused1: :cursing:
  12. That is ridiculous. I think Mr. Jacobs needs to put the pipe down and get back to reality. There's no way on earth I'd pay even $100.00 for that!

  13. Isn't PVC actually a dangerous substance? I used to work in a toy store when I was in high school, and I distinctly remember seeing labels on toys that said "PVC-free" because the substance is dangerous for young children to play with/chew on.

    Type "PVC dangers" into Google and a ton of articles come up on the subject. I don't know that carrying a PVC bag is a major health threat or anything, but the possibility gives me one more reason to go with real leather or fabric.
  14. I work in the shoe industry where it is my job to do 'emulate' branded items with designs for retailers like Wal-Mart and Payless and we try to incorporate as much Poly Vinyl Chloride as we can! - LOL! There is a higher grade of plastic that is a little more expensive - PU - or Poly Urethane that we also use as well. The leather that we do use is PVC coated and called "Action Leather". This coating is applied to lessen the grade and thickness of leather used and to allow the surface to be manipulated to resemble all kinds of textures. PVC is the cheapest possible material and to me it is an absolute sin to market a PVC bag as a designer-priced item. I don't care if Marc Jacobs himself deemed it necessary to use PVC - that is greed gone overboard. Fine if you want to explore different media - but don't put that kind of a price tag on it.:yucky:
  15. Divananata....thanks for the info!! I still would rather shop at TJ Max or Marshalls for an older style real bag for the same money.