Putty Stam sighting...

  1. Very nice! Thank you for posting the link.
  2. i wonder if this was the same stam i so wanted to get from her 2 weeks ago??:hrmm:
  3. Out of curiosity, I checked this listing again. =)
    There were 13 bids for Putty Stam, the winning bit was US$1725.

  4. wow!! the putty stam is really in demand@@!!
  5. Holy moly! That is high!
  6. Yup. Putty Stam is not readily available in stores like Black and other new colors so I'm not surprised it went over retail.

    Read from TFS forum that Petrol Stam went for USD$4k recently!
  7. I'm semi-guilty! I had placed a few bids, but unfortunately I didn't win. :cry: I guess I should be lucky since the winning bid was $400 over retail! But I'm so in love with this bag! I've called everywhere, but of course no one has it anymore.

    I do have an Ivory stam on hold. Would this be okay to use year-round? I like this color, but not as much as the putty. Now I'm not sure if I should get this, or hold out for the putty. But who knows if I'll ever find a putty again?

    Then again, there's always black...I'm so confused!
  8. Yup, you are sooo lucky to find a brand new one from Nordstrom. =) Unfortunately, it had problems (Chanel, Fendi, and many premium brands have defective bags every now and then too), but it'll be fixed soon. You will appreciate it even more when you get it back, hopefully, it'll be more than perfect this time. =)
  9. Madison, sorry to hear that you didn't win. Authentic Putty Stam shows up on ebay once in a while, can you hold out for it?
    As for Ivory Stam, do you like it very much? If it's only so-so for you , I recommend waiting; light bags definitely require more TLC.
    You can't go wrong with Black Stam -- beautiful bag in a classic/forever color. Does it go with your outfits/lifestyles?

    If you have a choice, which color would you get (after Putty)?

  10. I think I would get the black. You're right, it is a classic that would go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. But guess what, I did get an e-mail from mypersonnelshoppers that was giving me a second chance offer on the putty! I'm still waiting for a reply, but cross your fingers for me! :biggrin:
  11. Good luck Madison! Maybe some problem couldn't be worked out with the winning bidder, hope you will get it!!!!!!! =) YAY!
  12. Madison, i hope you get it too!! Let us know what happens! Good lucK!!
  13. Well, I wish I had better news, but that e-mail I received wasn't even from Mypersonnelshoppers! It turns out it was from some guy in Singapore who had zero feedback! :amazed: And, I even received another e-mail from another guy "claiming" that he was the seller also! Can you believe that! :amazed: :amazed: :amazed: And I almost fell for the first one. I was so excited that I received the second chance offer, I didn't even realize it wasn't her. After I first responded to his e-mail, I didn't receive a reply back, so I e-mailed her through eBay. That's when she said that she didn't send me a second chance offer. I feel like I am so naive sometimes! :sad: How can people do something like that? Anyways, if anyone happens to see a putty stam anywhere, please let me know. I've called everywhere and no one has them anymore. :cry:
  14. Madison, don't be dejected! I too lost the chance to get the putty stam my-personalshopper was trying to sell about 3 weeks ago. I didn't act fast enough and apparently someone else beat me to it. I was devastated.

    I had been calling around stores looking for the putty stam for a while. And the day after i lost the putty stam, i got a call from Nordstrom's Jamie and five days later, i got my putty stam!!

    So, hang it there, it may seem impossible, but you'll never know.

    Hope you feel better.