Putty Stam NOT available???

  1. Hello all MJ lovers, i'm new to MJ bags. I saw this picture of a model carrying this stam bag and fell in love with it. :love: I was never an MJ fan.

    What color is it and does it have the suede interior or the new canvas interior? Can i still find it in MJ stores? I am hoping i don't have to scout for it on eBay.

    I tried my local MJ store and the SA was just so unfriendly and un-informative. She had no idea which color it was even when i show her this photo.:hrmm:
    MJ Stam.jpg
  2. Many believe Jessica Stam's bag is Putty, it has suede interior. It's a very popular color and no longer available, buy it right away if you do come across it -- definitely a return at this time. A TFS (thefashionspot.com) member was able to buy Putty Stam at Nordstrom recently. Try calling Marc Jacobs stores, good luck. =)
  3. Try the Bellevue, WA Nordstrom store. 425-455-5800- I swear I thought I saw that color the last time I was there (I could also be wrong, but try anyway). Good SAs to ask for are ADRIENNE or JAMIE. They are open M-S until 9:30 PT
  4. i can't believe the SA didn't know about the bag. i mean, doesn't everyone know about the stam, lol!

    i know you mentioned not wanting to go the eBay route, but this is an authentic putty stam by a reputable seller (personalshoppers):
    item #6881289657
    sorry i couldn't put in the link. for some reason my computer isn't letting me copy and paste stuff. :huh:
  5. This ebayer (Personalshoppers) sells authentic stuffs; the item's just listed too. =) Since there's no BIN option for this item, you can call the number Roo listed first, maybe, a SA can can do inventory lookup (for all stores) as well. Good luck. =)

    Hopefully, the price won't go too high for this Putty Stam listing. Read on TFS that a Petrol Stam went for ~4k recently!

  6. Wow! Beautiful!! is that putty stam from my personal shoppers authentic!!?? I will grab it now if it is!!!
  7. I never dealt with them so I wouldn't know...sorry I don't buy my bags online!
  8. It's authentic.
  9. it is!!! wow. i have just clicked on "but it". and was prompted to send an email. hope they reply me soon!!!
  10. "buy it" i meant. *too excited*!!!!!!
  11. i've just checked out the ebay listing on this stam "my personal shoppers" is selling. Why is no one snatching this up!? hmmmz.
  12. question from a Stam novice - are the 05 stams more slouchy and ok for putting over your shoulder with the leather straps? I recently had an 06 stam and I didnt find it that practical, although I still really like the overall design of the bag
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