Putty Stam IS available!! yahoo!!!

  1. Dear all, my putty stam is here!! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    and it is PUUUUUURRFECT!!!! yay!!! :love: :love: :love:

    the blue suede lining is sooooo luxurious its obscene! the shiny gigantic kiss lock, hardware and the gold chains are oh-so-BLING!!! It looks even better IRL!!! and best of all, its not heavy AT ALL!!! i had been worrying about its weight for nothing!!:amuse:

    And most important of all, the PUTTY color. my oh my!!! it's BEAUTIFUL..:heart: :love:

    I LOVE IT!!!!
  2. Ahh I'm so happy for you!!! :smile::smile:

    I want to see pictures!!!

    You've pretty much inspired me to get a Putty Stam also.

  3. Congrats! It's a gorgeous color!
  4. Here's some pics of my lovely stam. My dog didn't seem to like all the attention i was giving my stam.. Couldn't get a decent photo of my stam.

    LOVE IT!!!!!!:love: :love: Thank you ROO!!!!:heart: :biggrin:
    mystam1.jpg mystam3.jpg mystam4.jpg
  5. Gorgeous bag--putty is my favorite of all Stams. I had one but sold it to buy a black. I still have seller's remorse! Be sure to hold on to yours and enjoy it!
  6. Cute bag & dog too! Congrats.
  7. WOW!! That bag is some peice of GORGEOUS! I love that lining too, wow! wow! wow!!! Sooo glad it all worked out! Now if you see a black Chloe Paddy on sale you better raise the flag and signal roo-land, girlie! :graucho: :lol:
  8. you bet roo girl. i was by the chloe store yesterday but didn't take much notice. since i am so excited to bring my new stam out for test drive, i'll pop by the stores that carries paddy and let you know if i found any black paddy. Roo, what size are you looking for??
  9. I'm looking for the classic paddy satchel in black. I have a brand new taupe one I am selling on eBay right now, so hope to find the black.
  10. Ok, I am sooo happy for you! You finally got your purse! Your doggy is soooo cute, ok, the bag is tdf! It's BEAUTIFUL!
  11. Impsola, yes doggy is a doll. he is always sniffing around my new bags and he LOVES the dust bags!!!! if i'm not careful and leave the dust bags on the floor, you'll find him on it the next minute, already comfortable.

    I can't stop admiring my new stam. yippeee!! the color is gorgeous!
  12. I am soooo happy for you! Any chance of seeing a pic of you wearing it? *wink wink*
  13. Congrats luna!!! What a beauty your putty Stam is! The blue suede lining is really luscious:love:. And I love your Papillon! He has such a nice coat, I bet he even smells super nice! You're lucky he'll just get snuggly on your dustbags. I've always been extra careful not to leave anything lying about where my Jack Russells will be able to find coz they're likely to do major "killing" if they do, lol!
  14. thank you SerenitySue. I have heard about Jack Russells and what they can do. How did you know my papillon would smell good? He always smells super nice and i've always wondered why. Like a freshly powered baby. (and i don't bathe him all that often at all!!)

    valerieb, why did you sell your putty? Now that i have my putty in my arms, i know that this is one bag i will never let go!!
  15. Serenity Sue,
    Have you ever considered getting a toy fox terrier? They are smaller than Jack Russells but I call them the "kinder, gentler Jack Russell" :P They are more mellow and less destructive. And as you can see.. total ham bones!