Putty 05 Or Cream 05 Stam?

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  1. hiya all. can i get your opinions on which you prefer? thanks ever so much!
  2. I really like the putty colored bag... the leather has a nice gleam to it, and the interior blue suede looks amazing...
  3. I vote for Putty! I have one and I LOVE it!
  4. thanks guys for your inputs. would you keep / buy both putty 05 and creme 05? so far, i heard one PF-er stating that her putty and her friend's putty is always confused as the same bag, one other saying that the putty is not as light as in most of its pics (seem to suggest that it is considerably different from creme), and another saying that it is worth having them both if you love both colours. anybody?
  5. think you mean to say my putty and my friend's ivory :smile: anyhow i will post pictures for u to compare them side by side.
  6. oops.. yup yup, that's what i meant :yes: her putty and her friend's cream is always confused as the same bag.
  7. how do you get that poll graph going...? that seems to make it easier for people to vote.
  8. I have a putty and I absolutely love it. I'm going to use it tomorrow...maybe...I think. It depends on what I wear.

    When I bought it, I chose between Ivory and Putty...I just thought there was something about it that made it interesting.
  9. i have not seen putty in real life but have a feeling that i would like the colour. elongreach, do you find that the leather of your putty is not as soft as the nappa leather of the cream 05?
  10. u will love the colour! seriously I love it like hell:heart::heart::heart:

  11. I am very partial to the stams pre summer 2006. Everyone complained about it being heavy and the the suede adding to the weight. The suede totally made the bag. Not to mention the leather on those bags aren't as texturized as the new stams.

    My bag is so plush. The leather has just gotten softer since I got it. It holds its shape yet it's smooshy. That's why I'm on a search for older stams. They just appeal to me more. The new stams are nice, but I'm just not loving them as much. I mean they cost more than my putty stam, but they don't even have suede on the inside and the leather is too texturized.
  12. i agree with you about the weight. i heard so much about the "weight problem" on older stams that when i received the cream 05 i was surprised by how light it was when i first lifted it! as i have probably mentioned elsewhere, i am used to carrying custom made boot-leather bags, some new some vintage, and without the weight, you don't get the same material, and without them, you do not get the bag so to speak. the change in material completely change the look, and thus the bag. i said this now, even though when i first see and touch a stam, it was one from resort 06, and i did not have too much of an issue with the newer leather then, as they give them structure and will soften with use. but then i began to feel that the resort 06 stam i had at the time somehow looked different from the ones i saw in various pics before i started chasing after a stam. then i realized that the ones i saw up to then were all from pre-spring 06.

    so elongreach, how many pre-spring 06 stams have you found so far?
  13. putty - in the pics ive seen it looks like it has something more interesting to it than the ivory one
  14. well... it is slowly looking like putty is going to win... oh i wish i have the putty in my hands now so i can feel them both and compare. my cream 05 is sooo plush and soft...(but with dried glue stains) and i hate to think that the putty is not as lovely (other than the colour of course, i am somehow rather confident that i will like it). i can only hope that the seller of my cream is willing to wait for me to compare the two before sending hers back.
  15. I love my putty stam. The blue suede interior is beyong luxurious. :love:
    I've seem the cream one IRL was a little plain IMHO. The putty has some kick to it.:graucho: