Putting treads on expensive shoes

  1. So NM is sending my other Gucci shoe out tomorrow lol so I'll have a complete pair. The only thing is that the bottoms of them are wood with stitching around the outside. They don't look very durable for walking around outside in. How do I get treads or non-skid bottoms put on them? This is the first time I've needed to do this.

    There's a local cobbler but I'm not sure I trust them with my shoes. How do you make sure they won't ruin your shoes? What questions should I ask?
  2. I take most shoes in to be resoled. Ask to see if he has any other examples to show you, maybe?
  3. The shoes that see alot of wear always go to the cobbler for me. There are only two cobblers that trust with my Louboutins and Manolos in all of New York City -- you honestly need one that you can hand over $500 worth of craftmanship to and not have to worry about them coming back ruined.

    I would suggest asking for recs from friends, or calling a shoe boutique or the shoe dept of Neiman Marcus or such store and asking for a rec. If you still come up empty handed, I would suggest walking your shoes into a cobbler and asking him to see 1) examples of of his work on similar shoes and 2) what he will actually put on your shoe -- there are so many variants in quality.

    Good luck!
  4. I've found an eBay seller who sells replacement red soles. [​IMG]yummychouchou I've never bought from her though.
  5. omg thats crazy thanks for posting her link

  6. I'm so buying some of those! Now I just need some light brown ones for my manolo's
  7. I would suggest taking a cheap pair of shoes similar to the Louboutins that you have, to the cobbler near you. If you like the job they do, bring your Louboutins to them.