Putting Plastic on your Speedy's Handles

  1. Is it advicable? i saw some on the internet putting some microwave plastic covers on their speedies' handles.. I just don't want my Speedy azur to have its handles turning dirty.. Will I do it or not? :biggrin: Thanks!
  2. no, don't!
  3. Do you mean wrapping with plastic while you're using it or only during storage? :confused1: I wouldnt either way. :nogood: Once it develops patina, it should be a bit resisitant from dirt.
  4. Wrapping it in plastic while I'm using it lol.. I just don't want it getting dirty.. :sad:
  5. In Asia it's quite popular to use this method but I personally don't use it. You need to let it breathe.
  6. ^What are the effects?
  7. If you wrap the handles in plastic, the bag will patinate unevenly -- the parts that are covered over will patinate more slowly than the rest. Also as mentioned above, leather needs to breathe. Bacteria grow in anerobic (airless) conditions so you'd be creating the ideal conditions for bacteria to grow on the handles. I'd also be afraid that if any moisture got in there, I might not notice it under the plastic, and the leather would start rotting. It just sounds too risky to me.
  8. I would not.
  9. does your sofa have a plastic cover?

    sorry, but it cheapens the bag... and you too. surely you can afford another one. being too overly protective doesn't make it a luxury item anymore but an expensive burden.
  10. That's exactly what I was thinking!!!
  11. Oh ic!! I guess it's better leaving it to patinate than risking the moisture effect I guess. Thanks!
  12. Get a couple of nice and elegant gloves. ;)
  13. Yep, I think so. At least when the handles are out in the open you can see what's happening to them. If you're going to cover them with anything, maybe you could wrap a bandeau around each handle from time to time ... that would help keep them cleaner and lighter for longer. Safer wrapping them up in silk because it breathes - I've taken to tossing a silk scarf over my Manhattan during the day just to keep the light off it.
  14. Nah don't do that. it'll look weird, plus people will think you are just too much about purse. I thought of doing that and my sis said that's just too much & she knows how crazy I am when it comes to keep my LV clean.
  15. No don't do it. I agree with deluxeduck