Putting on the Ritz!!

  1. Honest opinions needed!! Please let me know what you think. I love the patent on this bag (see close-up).
    I know many thought this was an awkward looking bag, but I really love it! Am I just blinded by the patent?
    don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings!:heart:
    ritz 001_1.jpg ritz 002_1.jpg
  2. Wow, beautiful bag Stacy.:love: I really like it on you.
  3. Love it!
  4. At first glance from the pictures it looks like it has the shining finish as mine DS flap.

    Anyway, looks fabulous on you!
  5. VERY NICE:love: :love: !!! I think it looks chic on you:yes: !!

  6. It's absolutely stunning on you! =)
  7. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag but it was just too bulky wide for me, like when i put it on it looked huge on me =X

    but it looks awesome on you from the pics and the leather and patent style was TDF!!!
  8. Stacy,
    I love your bag. Could you please give me the style number including the y. Is this the bag that is around $3100/
  9. KEEP HER, she's gorgeous! I love the size, is it really roomy inside? Are there any pockets?
  10. ^^^^thanks all so much!! Here is another angle.
    I am about 5'3" and a size 2...please do tell me if you think it is too overwhelming....
  11. Molls, she has three compartments --outside flap, middle stap and close to body comp is a zipper...then there are a couple zippered pockets inside the compartments...very roomy!:yes:
  12. Stacy,

    You were hoping for a large patent bag and here it is :yahoo:. It doesn't look bulky at all, I think the patent on this bag is amazing :love: .
  13. a33470y04322 --classic bag with flap--$2525 (a bargain;) )
  14. The size is perfect! I'd say it's a keeper! Congrats!
  15. Stacy,
    Thank you so much. I really love your bag.