Putting LV on hold...???

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  1. :confused1: How long will LV hold items? :confused1: I usually buy from a Holt Renfrew desk here in Canada... Does anyone know??:confused1:

    I would usually only hold perm. collection, never LE!!:yes:
  2. Most of my holds have been 2 days, however, I had a shawl transferred from another store off island and they held for 5 days. I think you can ask for an extension if you have a good reason.
  3. The LV boutiques where I've shopped, will hold an item for 2 days. If you charge it to your credit card, then they'll hold it indefinitely. I'm thinking that if someone charges it, they'll want to pick it up right away.
  4. what do you hold for?
  5. Yup, it's usually 1-2 days. My SA held my iPod case for 5 days. :biggrin:

    One usually asks the boutique to hold an item for them if it's the last item in stock, and they want to make sure they get the item when they arrive to the store the next day or so.
  6. If you have an SA, they can bend the rules a little and hold items longer for known customers- otherwise I think it's about 2 days.
  7. Yup, it's only 2 days. However, i have a pretty good relationship with my SA and she once held a Suhali bag for me for almost 2 weeks!!! I didn't buy it but when i went back on the 12th day to buy something else, she asked me if I still wanted it, so that's how I know. As for LE, it's not true, again, if you have a good relationship with your SA, it's not necessarily 2 days. Then again, I guess everything would have to depend on the demand for the item... I guess I'm just lucky that my boutique's not very busy :yes:
  8. My SA held something for me for 4 days, i dont know what the longest is though
  9. For my pieces that have been coming in, my SA will usually call on Thursday and says she'll hold them over the weekend, then if I need more time, I can call and have it extended.

  10. Same here. I think the longest I've held something was for a couple weeks. It may vary from store to store though. And it helps if you are a regular.
  11. I had my pomme french held for maybe four days?
  12. It really depends on two things - how limited the item is (not whether it's limited edition, since if a permanent line item is popular they won't hold it for that long either, and if a limited edition isn't super popular they will also be more willing to hold it for you) and your relationship with your SA.
  13. I never knew that there was a time limit on holds! My SA usually calls me to me tell me that something is in and has it holding for me until I come to the store.
  14. One time my SA held a LE item for over 3 weeks for me...it depends on your relationship with your SA:yes:
  15. Nürnberg holds for 2 days