Putting away my LV explosion, ~pics~

  1. Ok, I am really bad about putting my accessories and bags away. Drives my poor DH crazy, because they tend to gather around the dining room, as I switch bags and accessories, until I finally put them away.

    Since I am lazy about pics, too....I thought as long as I had some of the lttle stuff out I would take a pic :smile:


    Now I have to go put it all away with the rest of my acessories!
  2. Nice!
  3. i would love to see that on my dining table! (i think the dining table in my apt here at school is the same as yours! i brought it from home when my parents were getting new furniture haha)
  4. wow great accessories, i love them all. great pieces
  5. I wouldn't mind having that kind of clutter. ;)
  6. wow! you have loadz of goodies! It would be like coming downstairs on christmas morning!
  7. Wow.. that's some collection... have fun putting them all away!!
    If you don't want to put them away you can just throw them in a box and sent them to me!!! hehe.. :smile:
  8. Great accessories!!
  9. :drool:
  10. Awesome picture!!!!
  11. awesome collection!!
  12. Haha, now that's one explosion I won't mind! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Great stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You've been busy.
  14. Bee u tee ful Tink! How often do you switch out your accessories?? I wish I had the patience to change my accessories or bags on a daily basis!
  15. :wtf: