Putting all the tassels on a city b-bag. Tacky or Not?

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  1. Does anyone put their spare tassels on their b-bags(along with existing tassels on the bag)? Is this tacky?
  2. No, but if that's something that you want to do, I don't think there is anything to stop you. It's all about how you rock the bag.
  3. I've seen pics of something similar to that, where the extra tassles were braided. It looked so good! Do whatever makes you happy, I always do!
  4. I personally don't. The tassles that are already on it are sometimes a nuisance to me! Too many squiggly things going on -
  5. i think it'd be cool!!! lots and lots of tassles!!

    but the problem is when they all split or wear off....u wouldn't have extra tassles to replace them with...so maybe u need to order tassles in advance before u do that

    just a proactive measure, u know? :smile:
  6. Thanks for your comments ladies! I think I will stick up having two extra tassles on my bag...and if it splits, I'll just use flexible glue =)
  7. my extra tassels sit in a bag in a drawer. I havent needed them yet...
  8. Same here...given the way the originals always split at some point, it's nice to have some spare to change 'em out with! ;)
  9. has anyone actually ordered and received extra tassles from BalNY? for older or just current bags? just curious...
  10. I prefer the original look I've tried to add a thing here and there but apart from a very sober starcharm for my RV I prefer them to stay the way they are...
  11. Can I ask if anyone trims their tassles to a shorter length? I have some splitting going on and I thought I might be able to shorten them and re-arrange them so I have shorter but non splitting tassles.

    I'm keeping my bag out of site. I have a 3 month old kitten that would love to shorten my tassles...LOL
  12. I keep the extra tassels for spare..just in case :smile:
  13. I like lots of tassels! Go for it. :yes:
  14. I agree! No extra tassels for me and the ones I have seem too long but I don't dare cut them. Peggy
  15. I personally think the bags have enough going on with the hardware and tassels that come with it so anything more to me is a bit overkill and IMO detracts from the simplicity of the bag. I think this applies even more so with the smaller bags (like city, twiggy and smaller). I could maybe see a scarf or something on a weekender (a la chauss) but that is it. I guess I see charms and all that as drawing attention to a bag and I don't buy my bags for that purpose. Moreover, I think some of the bbags are already bright enough to begin with so draw enough attention just by their color.