Puteribelibelah's Bag Collection

  1. Here are some of my arm candies. I'm still waiting for the rest to arrive in my seafreight as I've just relocated, but they are mostly older ones.
    DSC05040.jpg DSC05041.jpg DSC05042.jpg DSC05043.jpg DSC05044.jpg DSC05045.jpg DSC05047.jpg DSC05048.jpg DSC05053.jpg DSC05056.jpg
  2. wow, great chanel collection, i love all the classic flaps
  3. Here's more:
    DSC05054.jpg DSC05062.jpg DSC05064.jpg DSC05067.jpg DSC05068.jpg DSC05069.jpg
  4. Thanks, allbrandspls. You can never have too many classic flaps - though my husband will tell you otherwise!
  5. puteri, are you Malaysian? :biggrin:

    i'm asking only because of your username :P
  6. great collection!!!
    loving all the chanels...*drool!
  7. yeuxhonnetes, no I'm not Malaysian. Are you?
  8. yes i am :yes:. it was your username that threw me off :lol:
  9. Hi, nice to "meet" you. I'm Bruneian, so you're not that far off! :lol:
  10. Holy cow that's a lot of flap bags ! Awesome collection ! :yes:
  11. MMMM... Nice collection!!! Welcome to the PF!!! :smile:
  12. Thanks for the comments, everyone.

    jm311, thanks. I'm glad I joined this forum of like-minded people.
  13. Somebody's a Chanel fan!! :smile:

    Gorgeous collection!
  14. What a beautiful Collection!:love: :flowers:
  15. Very nice collection.